Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dieter Out

#2 posting 11.23.2008
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#16 Illinois beat Michigan State in five with a margin of 6 points. MSU out earned Illinois 84 to 78. MSU also had 35 to 22 hitting errors. Laura DeBruhler had 21.5 points for Illinois. Vanessa King had 21.5 points for the Spartans.

#1 Penn State swept Wisconsin with a margin of 24 points. Megan Hodge had 17 points for PSU. Caity DuPont had 8 points for Wisconsin. Nikki Klingsporn (Tartan) had 16 assists for the Badgers.

#20 Michigan swept Iowa with a margin of 20 points. Juliana Paz had 13 points for Michigan. Catherine Smale had 12 points for the Hawkeyes.

Indiana beat Northwestern in four with a margin of 9 points. Erica Short had 24 points for Indiana. Brittani Gray had 16.5 points for NW. Naomi Johnson (Bloomington Kennedy) had 5.5 points for the Wildcats.

Brook Dieter went down in the second set Friday against Michigan with an ankle injury. She did not return and was taken for x-rays to see if there was a break involved. In the Minnesota Daily Summary--upon further review.

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