Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bethel, St. Mary's Pull Upsets

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Bethel surprised St. Thomas in five. Bethel had a better hitting % and had fewer mistakes in the win. St. Thomas won a marathon first game 38-36, but Bethel won two 2 point games at 30-28 in game two and 15-13 in the crucial 5th. Neither school had a story up, but the box was available at Bethel.

St. Mary's rallied from a 2-0 deficit to beat Hamline 3-2. A key win was game 4 30-28.

Northwestern swept Presentation in UMAC action. No other information available.

Augsburg split yesterday at Augustana, IL tournament. Augsburg was swept by UW Eau Claire, and then they beat the hosts also in 3.

St. Catherine lost twice at the Viterbo tournament to Superior and Stevens Point.

Fergus Falls swept Anoka-Ramsey 25, 24, 23. FF is now 4-1 in the MN South Confernence.

5 games
Laura Naig, Bethel 65 vs St. Thomas 3-2
Breanna Benham, St. Mary's 58 vs Hamline 3-2
Jenny Nichols, Hamline 47 vs St. Mary's 2-3

5 games
Katie Kremer, St. Thomas 41 vs Bethel 2-3
Joslin Geisler, Bethel 38 vs St. Thomas 3-2
Tasha Simmons, Hamline 20 vs St. Mary's 2-3
3 games
Ericka Kriechbaum, St. Catherine 28 vs UW Superior 0-3
Ericka Kriechbaum, St. Catherine 20 vs UW Stevens Point 0-3

5 games
Liz Glesne, Bethel 26 vs St. Thomas 3-2
Rachelle Dosch, St. Thomas 23 vs Bethel 2-3
Molli Dant, St. Mary's 21 vs Hamline 3-2
Amy Anderson, Bethel 19 vs St. Thomas 3-2
Dana Luiken, Hamline 17 vs St. Mary's 2-3
Jenna Pont, St. Thomas 15 vs Bethel 2-3

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UM Duluth Alone in First

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UM Duluth kept the momentum from the big Tuesday win over Concordia-St. Paul with a sweep over Augustana. It was Augustana's first loss in the NCC.
North Dakota upset #16 Nebraska Omaha in five games at Grand Forks.

Concordia St. Paul got back on the winning track with their 8th straigth conference win over Mary.
SW MN State swept Winona State 24, 25, 18 in a homecoming week game.
MSU Moorhead beat Bemidji State 28, 11, 14.

Today you will be able to watch the Northern State game on the interntet. It starts at 3 pm central.

5 games
Allison Louwagie, North Dakota 69 vs UNO 3-2
Katie Agnew, UN Omaha 63 vs North Dakota 2-3
3 games
Katie Gangelhoff, UM Duluth 56 vs Augustana 3-0
Maggie McNamara, Concordia St. Paul 49 vs Mary 3-0

5 games
Lindsay Vortherms, North Dakota 28 vs UNO 3-2
Aileen Cahill, North Dakota 24 vs UNO 3-2
Stacie Wemhoff, UN Omaha 21 vs North Dakota 2-3
Heidi Evans, North Dakota 21 vs UNO 3-2

5 games

Heidi Evans, North Dakota 23 vs UNO 3-2
Carlie Christensen, UN Omaha 22 vs North Dakota 2-3
Kendyll Jones, North Dakota 20 vs UNO 3-2
Christina Reicks, UN Omaha 19 vs North Dakota 2-3
3 games
Vicky Braegelmann, UM Duluth 20 vs Augustana 3-0
Kelsey Kyro, Concordia St. Paul 16 vs Mary 3-0
Jessica Lucia, Concordia St. Paul 15 vs Mary 3-0

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Wisconsin Sweeps Michigan State

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BIG 10
Wisconsin swept the Gophers next opponent Michigan State 22, 25, 26.

Jana Mitchell had 7 kills for Central Florida in a five game loss to Southern Mississippi.
Cincinnati beat UConn in four. Bridget Denson-Dorman had 49 assists for the Huskies.
Earlier this week Erin Boeve, Hills-Beaver Creek, led Iowa State with 22 kills in a five game win over Kansas State.
Leslie Bielski had 10 kills for Marquette in a sweep over Georgetown.
Amy Sampson had 5 kills for Northern Iowa in a sweep of Evansville.
Betty Slinger had the best hitting % for UW Green Bay in getting swept by their sister school UW Milwaukee. Slinger had 8 kills, Saura Rauen had 7.

North Dakota State picked up their 4th straight win at Texas Pan American in a sweep 21, 19, 23.
South Dakota State swept Sacred Heart in three at the Blackbird Challendge at Long Island. No link found on that one.

4 games
Bridget Denson-Dorman, Connecticut 49 vs Cincinnati 1-3

5 games
Erin Boeve, Iowa State 22 vs Kansas State 3-2

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Gophers Down Michigan, Hebert to Hall

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32-30, 30-28, 30-24

The Minnesota Gophers swept #24 Michigan tonight, but it wasn't easy with two comeback wins and a start to finish win in game three. I am not going to rehash the games. I figure the press releases from Minnesota and Michigan can do the trick.
For Stats I had to pull Michigan's Information. They were quicker getting it up.

However let us look at a couple of interesting stats

team, 1stso/serves--1stso%; pts scored, % earned, % allowed
Minnesota 28/46----.609; 92, .717; .341
Michigan 17/46----.370; 82, .659; .283
MN was able to get the Ws with their first ball side out (fbso). With the Gophers trailing 23-18 in game one they sided out four straight times. That gave them time to regroup. MN got into trouble when they weren't able to get the sideout on Katie Bruzdzinski's serve. Once they got the ball back Hartmann didn't give it back.

Again MN was down late in the game 24-19. Christine Tan got the ball after a side out and delivered three points. After that the Gophers sidedout four straight times.

MN had good fbso in game three early with 6/7. They led 17-8 at this point. The Gophers had fbso 2/7 the rest of the way. Michigan outscored MN 16-13 the rest of the way.

Rotations, server point scored-allowed
1. Tan 15-14 +1
2. Peniata 14-13 +1
3. Bowman 19-21 -2
4. Crumpston 18-9 +9
5. Nelson 17-12 +5
6. Hartmann 10-14 -4
Tonight Crumpston had the better rotation, especially defensively. Right before rotation in Bowman's rotation MN gave away 21 points.

Gopher Coach Mike Hebert has been selected to the American Volleyball Coaches Association Hall of Fame. He will be inducted during the NCAA tournament in Omaha. Here is the Gopher press release on Hebert and his accomplishment.

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Central Christian, BBE Upset

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#1 DGF beat Perham for the second time in Coach Lopez's 23 years 21, 20, 22 in what was described as a flat performance. You can see the volleyball roundup on Fargo's WDAY station. It is a little like watching the game highlights through a tub of water, but you get some highlights. Click on the related content in the Fargo Forum article.

Moorhead beat Bemidji in four. The Spuds will see Marshall on Saturday.

Marshall swept past Luverne in Southwest Conference action with a stingy defense 9, 5, 17. story from the Marshall Independent.

Tracy-Milroy-Balaton had a sweep over newly paired Lincoln Hi/Lake Benton 13, 19, 16. Story from the Marshall Independent.

Sauk Rapids downed Rocori in five games in a Central Lakes confrontation. Amy Pederson had 34 kills for Sauk Rapids. Also in the area recap #5AA St. Cloud Cathedral's win. From the St. Cloud Times.
St. Cloud Tech outlasted Willmar in five games. This game is from the West Central Tribune.
Eden Valley-Watkins upset #8AA Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa in five. from the WCT.
MACCRAY upset #4A Central Christian in a sweep 22, 16, 23 in Camden action. again from the WCT.

North Dakota State had three flights to get to Texas-Pan American for tonight's game. NDSU has yet to play at home. Their first home game is on October 14. This is from the Fargo Forum.

5 games
Carina Fesenmaier, Sauk Rapids 48 vs Rocori 3-2
4 games
Katelyn Schwartzenberger, Moorhead 38 vs Bemidji 3-1
Chelsea Ujdur, Duluth Denfeld 35 vs Cloquet 1-3
Sally Smith, Renville Co West 44 vs Lakeview 3-1
3 games
Eleena Iisakka, Esko 35 vs MLWR 3-0

5 games
Allie Flock, Sauk Rapids 29 vs Rocori 3-2
Ashley Bell, Rocori 20 vs Sauk Rapids 2-3
4 games
Tanya Kroger, Duluth Denfeld 21 vs Cloquet 1-3
Kelsi Rudolph, Eveleth-Gilbert 24 vs Intl Falls 3-1
Christal Greenslit, Redwood Valley 23 vs JCC 1-3
Megan Beard, Eveleth-Gilbert 22 vs Intl Falls 3-1
Janice Flug, Babbitt-Embarrass 25 vs Floodwood 3-1
Angie Shermer, Orr 21 vs Cotton 1-3
Lynn Schneider, Cotton 20 vs Orr 3-1
3 games
Allison Bach, Lincoln HI/Lake Benton 32 vs TMB 0-3
Stacey Tykwinski, Lincoln HI/Lake Benton 24 vs TMB 0-3

5 games
Amy Pederson, Sauk Rapids 34 vs Rocori 3-2
Nikki Meinz, Sauk Rapids 25 vs Rocori 3-2
Megan Loesch, St. Cloud Tech 21 vs Willmar 3-2
Greta King, Willmar 18 vs St. Cloud Tech 2-3
Kayla Sis, St. Cloud Tech 17 vs Willmar 3-2
Angie Feldhege, Rocori 15 vs Sauk Rapids 2-3
April Hansen, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 19 vs Eden Valley-Watkins 2-3
4 games
Alesha Nelson, Milaca 18 vs Pine City 3-1
Nishah Dupuis, Cloquet 16 vs Duluth Denfeld 3-1
Megan Groen, Renville Co West 21 vs Lakeview 3-1
Christal Greenslit, Redwood Valley 17 vs JCC 1-3
Alyssa Link, Renville Co West 16 vs Lakeview 3-1
Mandy Dedina, Cotton 21 vs Orr 3-1
3 games
Danielle Lucia, St. Cloud Apollo 19 vs Fergus Falls 3-0
Amber Ryan, Esko 22 vs MLWR 3-0
Jennifer Lopez, DGF 21 vs Perham 3-0
Blair Murphy, Hermantown 19 vs Ashland, WI 3-0
Kari Caspers, MACCRAY 15 vs Central Christian 3-0
Kresson Vreeman, Central Christian 19 vs MACCRAY 0-3

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Crime & Punsihment

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The StarTribune's John Millea has an article about Lake of the Woods and the punishment handed down because LOW had too many games. Coach Laurie Bitter is to miss the postseason this year. Does it fit the crime? There are some past violations.

Should the coach know the number of contests allowed? As a coach myself I know the number of constests allowed. When I got to Mpls Henry I had to add games and tournaments to fill the schedule. A question about the Rochester Century Tournament at the end of the year stretching over two days came up. My athletic director thought that each day was an event, so did not look for the third tournament. After explaining it was only one event we picked up another tournament.
This year we were scheduled for four tournaments. We did not play in four, but found another team for the extra tournament.

Michigan and Michigan State come to town this weekend. Michigan will play tonight, and State on a rare Sunday match. I will be blogging later tonight after the Michigan game. The MN Daily has the previews.

Blaine, who has received votes in the top 10 poll, swept Elk River 8, 14, 18. From the Elk River Star News.

Albert Lea swept Winona 23, 23, 20 in Big 9 action. Winona's Homecoming was a distraction, as is normal for most schools throughout the state. From the Winona Daily News.

Winona Cotter beat Kenyon-Wanamingo in four without Paula Angst, one of their middles, out due to illness. Again from the WDN.

Lewiston-Altura beat Rushford-Peterson in four games in Three River Conference action. This and an area wrap from the WDN.

#9AA Byron defeated Rochester Lourdes in a 3 game battle. Scores were 25-23, 25-23 and 25-13. Stats for Byron: Ashley Pyfferoen 12 kills, Jill Storlie 9 kills, 15 digs, 5 ace blocks, Racquel Reker 7 kills, 11 digs, 3 ace blocks, 2 ace serves, Nicole Koester 6 kills, 16 digs, 3 ace serves, Steph Vosberg 10 set assists, 15 digs, Brittllyn Olson 20 set assits, 2 ace serves.

Byron is now 6-0 in the HVL, 13-4 overall. They will face Stewartville Tuesday in the first match in Byron's new gym.

Rothsay held off Ashby in five games in Little 8 Conference action. Ashby won game four 26-24, but lost game five 16-14. This game & area action in the Fergus Falls Daily Journal.

Late Tuesday
Pine City beat Zimmerman in five on Tuesday. Zimmerman was up 2-1 in the contest.

Anoka-Ramsey swept Riverland 21, 12, 31-29 on Wednesday. From the Austin Herald.

5 games
Hannah Downing, Zimmerman 8 vs Pine City 2-3

5 games
Emily Johnson, Ashby 35 vs Rothsay 2-3
4 games
Simone Stroschein, Underwood 37 vs Parkers Prairie 3-1

5 games
Alisha Sethre, Ashby 10 vs Rothsay 3-2

5 games
Chelsea Nagle, Fillmore Central 22 vs St. Charles 3-2
Kate Anderson, St. Charles 22 vs Fillmore Central 2-3
Courtney Bergey, Fillmore Central 20 vs St. Charles 3-2
3 games
Allison Martin, Winona 20 vs Albert Lea 0-3

5 games
Chelsea Nagle, Fillmore Central 22 vs St. Charles 3-2
Emily Nelson, St. Charles 15 vs Fillmore Central 2-3
Jenna Anderson, Zimmerman 15 vs Pine City 2-3
Kelly Lehn, Rothsay 21 vs Ashby 3-2
Sam Lindstedt, Rothsay 21 vs Ashby 3-2
Megan Gullickson, Ashby 18 vs Rothsay 2-3
4 games
Jenny Gilbertson, Winona Cotter 15 vs Kenyon-Wanamingo 3-1
3 games
Maria Boe, Riverland 16 vs Anoka-Ramsey 0-3
Bonnie Albright, Lanesboro 16 vs Glenville-Emmons 3-0

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Out & About: Anoka/Maple Grove

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Anoka 3, Maple Grove 1
25-10, 26-28, 26-24, 25-15

Both teams entered the game 9-3, Anoka added one in the left hand column. It was a pair of tight games sandwiched by comfortable wins by Anoka.

The first game was over pretty quickly. Maple Grove did not get a side out until the 5th rotation. Madison Vermette started the Anoka point production with five on her serve. Jen Waterman added four. At that point it was 10-1. MG burned one time out at 9-1. MG did make a little run on Rachel Johnsrud's serve with four points, plus the earlier side out. After the side out on her serve it was 10-6. Kelsey Ellis added four, and Kaylee Tassoni put five more in the Anoka ledger. After her serve it was 21-8. Of the first four Anoka servers, three ended their serves on missed attempts. A strange situation developed on MG's next serve. There was confusion on who was to serve due to a sub for Kelsey Jacobs. MG never got off the serve after the whistle because they were staring at each other.

The second game started like the first with Anoka grabbing a 4-0 lead. MG did have better luck at siding out in this game and fought back to tie the game at 7. Anoka built a 14-8 lead during Vermette's serve. A couple of sideouts gave the ball to Allison Dahlberg. A tip kill by Megan Gronholm and an Anoka hitting error forced Anoka into a time out at 15-11. They got the missed serve after the time out, but the ease of the first game was replaced by an uphill climb. MG sided out again and Johnsrud served up three to cut the lead to 16-15. The ball changed hands four times. Anoka rebuilt its lead to 21-17 with an ace by Kelly Peterson. Anoka led 23-19 after Vermette's ace. Then a dump by Allie Krafve gave MG the side out and Krafve made use of it with four straight points off her serve thanks to two kills by Dahlberg. MG had their first lead at 24-23 on a passing error by Anoka. A Jen Waterman kill and a MG hitting error put Anoka in the driver's seat at 25-24. A big block on Kelsey Ellis by Johnsrud and Gronholm tied it at 25. Ellis did connect on a tip kill gave the advantage to Anoka 26-25, but Ellis served wide and they never got the ball back. An overpass kill by Erikka Korpi followed by a Jacobs kill finished the game off 28-26 MG.

MG rode that momentum into the third game at 5-1, thanks to two straight sideouts. The first was an unconventional sideout as Ellis hammered a shot that richoceted off Krafve's body to the right back section on the Anoka side. But they didn't get that important sideout against Ellis and she delivered five points to give the lead back to Anoka 7-5. Abbey Fahnhorst had two kills in the stretch. MG tied it up first at 10 on three serves by Jacobs. Neither teams got far from each other. Anoka did go up 18-16 on two MG hitting errors. MG came right back with a block by Korpi and a kill by Jacobs to tie it at 18. Anoka got the next three points at 21-18 with point 21 an ace by Megan Hambleton. A MG side out stopped the run. Anoka again stretched the lead to 23-20 on two kills by Fahnhorst. Another MG time out got the intended result with a missed serve. Then Anoka had a hitting erro and a violation to tie it up. A kill by Waterman gave it back to Anoka, but Peterson missed her serve. Krafve's serve was answered with an Ellis kill and the final Anoka point came on Vermette's serve with an attack error by Gronholm.

Anoka established themselves early with points on the first seven serves. They led 3-0 early and built it up to 11-4. MG had problems staying out of the net at this point with points 6, 7, and 9 all due to this problem. The closest MG was to come in game four was 16-11. But a missed serve stopped the mini rally. The key difference in game four: Anoka sided out at 8/11; while MG was at 1/11.

Serve order, Name, Position, Aces, Blocks, Kills---totals
#1 Madison Vermette, MH 2-.5-7---9.5
#2 Jen Waterman, RH 2-0-7---9
#3 Kelsey Ellis, OH 2-2-9--13
#4br Kaylee Tassoni, DS 2-0-0---2
#4fr Kayla Berning, MH 0-2.5-3--5
#5 Molly Staton, S 0-1-1---2
#6bra Kelly Peterson, DS 2-0-0---2
#6brb Megan Hambleton, DS 2-0-0--2
#6fr Abbey Fahnhorst, OH 0-1-11---12
Totals: 12-7-38---57 points, 45 points on Maple Grove errors

#1 Allie Krafve, S 1-0-3----4
#2 Allison Dahlberg, OH 0-0-8---8
#3 Rachel Johnsrud, MH 3-0.5-5--8.5
#4 Megan Gronholm, RH 0-0.5-3--3.5
#5 Kelsey Jacobs, OH 1-1.5-8--10.5
#6br Kelsey Smith, L 0-0-0---0
#6fr Kerikka Korpi, MH 0-2.5-6---8.5
Totals: 5-5-33---43 points, 34 points on Anoka errors

Kelsey Ellis

team, 1stso/serves--1stso%; pts scored, % earned, % allowed
Anoka 24/43--.558; 102, .559; .442
Maple Grove 16/43--.372; 77; .558; .441
A pair of similar teams, but Anoka held a big edge in 1st ball side out.

Rotation Point totals
1 22-12 +10
2 17-18 -1
3 21-15 +6
4 19-11 +8
5 10-13 -3
6 12-9 +3

Maple Grove
1 14-21 -7
2 9-13 -4
3 22-21 +1
4 8-18 -10
5 12-15 -3
6 11-12 -1

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Carleton Upsets St. Thomas, 2 for 1000

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The Northern Sun took one from the North Central as Winona State beat St. Cloud State in four. St. Cloud State had won two weeks ago in five games. Also the Winona Daily News has a story.

#24 Carleton upset #6 St. Thomas in three 18, 24, 31-29. Carleton had a better hitting % .272 to .147.

Hamline picked up their first win ever against St. Benedict in four games. Hamline's only loss was game two. Dana Luiken, Hamline reached the 1000 kill mark becoming the 6th player to do so for the Pipers.

#4 Concordia Moorhead blocked Macalester 26, 28, 16. CM had 15 blocks on the night.

Gustavus continued their MIAC winning streak by beating Bethel in four. The only blemish was in game three 30-27. Gustavus is now 5-0 in conference. More in the Mankato Free Press.

St. Olaf topped Augsburg in five games. It was St. Olaf's 28th win in a row over Augsburg.

St. Mary's stopped St. Catherine in three. The win halted a five game losing streak by St. Mary's.

Eau Claire came back after a game one loss to beat River Falls in four.

In keeping with the comeback theme Stout downed Superior in four. Stout lost game one 30-23.

#16 Whitewater also turned the trick with #19 Platteville. Whitewater lost game one 30-27. The game was televised as the WIAC game of the week.

Stevens Point hosted a triangular and won both their events over Beloit and Lawrence. In the Beloit match Shelly Maus became the fourth Stevens Point player to reach 1000 kills.

It took six days and five games but Esko finally was able to get the win against Carlton. The game was originally scheduled on the 21st, but a power outage halted play with Esko holding a 2-1 lead. They see each other this weekend in the Virginia tournament and the two may be facing each other for a state berth later. More from the Duluth News Tribune.

Crookston crunched Fertile-Beltrami 9, 15, 20. from the Crookston Times.

5 games
Audrey Volstad, St. Olaf 53 vs Augsburg 3-2
4 games
Bridget Burtzel, Gustavus 58 vs Bethel 3-1
Jenny Nichols, Hamline 57 vs St. Benedict 3-1
Laura Naig, Bethel 52 vs Gustavus 1-3
Kate Lazotte, Whitewater 47 vs Platteville 3-1
Carly Freiborg, Eau Claire 46 vs River Falls 3-1
Kat Krtnick, River Falls 46 vs Eau Claire 1-3
Kat Roesler, Stout 46 vs Superior 3-1

5 games
Haley Bower, Augsburg 25 vs St. Olaf 2-3
Andrea Otteman, St. Olaf 20 vs Augsburg 3-2
4 games
Jenna Witt, Hamline 25 vs St. Benedict 3-1
Lori Marten, Stevens Point 24 vs Beloit 3-1
Joslin Geisler, Bethel 22 vs Gustavus 1-3
Tasha Simmons, Hamline 22 vs St. Benedict 3-1
Anne Lebard, Superior 21 vs Stout 1-3
Emily Klein, Gustavus 20 vs Bethel 3-1
Abby Schultz, Whitewater 20 vs Platteville 3-1
Jill Wittmann, Stevens Point 20 vs Beloit 3-1
3 games
Lori Marten, Stevens Point 28 vs Lawrence 3-0
Ashley Karl, St. Mary's 20 vs St. Catherine 3-0

5 games
Christine Brook, St. Olaf 24 vs Augsburg 3-2
Dani Boner, Augsburg 17 vs St. Olaf 2-3
Katie LaGrave, Augsburg 17 vs St. Olaf 2-3
Jessica Levin, St. Olaf 15 vs Augsburg 3-2
4 games
Amy Anderson, Bethel 22 vs Gustavus 1-3
Jennifer Thelemann, Gustavus 21 vs Bethel 3-1
Shelby Hyllengren, Hamline 21 vs St. Benedict 3-1
Liz Glesne, Bethel 19 vs Gustavus 1-3
Emily Stessman, St. Benedict 19 vs Hamline 1-3
Dana Alf, Platteville 18 vs Whitewater 1-3
Andrea Geehan, River Falls 17 vs Eau Claire 1-3
Shelly Maus, Stevens Point 17 vs Beloit 3-1
Andrea Kron, Gustavus 16 vs Bethel 3-1
Linda Meyer, Stout 16 vs Superior 1-3
Jessica Groh, Eau Claire 15 vs River Falls 3-1
3 games
Sarah Kunelius, Carleton 16 vs St. Thomas 3-0

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Schedule Overload

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Forest Lake opened Suburban East action with two wins last week. They beat Park-Cottage Grove in four and White Bear Lake in a sweep. from the Forest Lake Times.

The schedulemaker was not kind to Laporte. They have five matches and one tournament in a nine day stretch. To see what Laporte has been up to and what will happen during "hell" week (there word, not mine).

North Branch is now has six wins in a row with a sweep over Robbinsdale Cooper. from the East Central MN Post Review.

St. James is undefeated in South Central action. They went five with Waseca, and swept Blue Earth and St. Peter. From the St. James News.

Minneapolis Henry beat Mpls Washburn in a game that was advanced a day due to the Homecoming coronation event at Washburn tomorrow. Henry dropped the first game but then took the next three 18, 12, 22.

In game one Henry led 6-1, but failed to side out the next three Washburn servers and as a result was down 12-10. Washburn led 16-13, but Lucia Carver evened it up after a side out at 17-17. Henry led 20-18, but gave away four points and trailed 22-20. Henry tied it up at 22, but a net violation, and then an ace made it 24-22. A Washburn hitting error made it 24-23, but Wendy Vang served deep for a Washburn 25-23 win.

In game two Washburn held the advantage throughout they were up 14-8 with seven points in rotation 5. They led 17-12 in rotation one's serve when a tip kill by Xylina Yang gave the ball back to Henry. Stef Zappa then rattled off 11 straight to make it 24-17. Zappa had two aces in the run. A Henry hitting error and Washburn passing error.

Henry had their best side out game in game three with 5/8. On the flip side Henry milked points in 6/8 rotations. The biggest run came on Carver's serve with five to make it 24-11.

Game four started off with Washburn building a 8-3 lead. Wendy Vang, in rotation three, evened it up for Henry with five service points. Both teams were fairly tight with Washburn leading 16-14 at one point and Zappa regaining with a 19-16 margin. Washburn led 21-20 after an unforced error. A time out resulted in a missed serve wide. That put the ball in Vang's hadnd and she delivered three points to make it 24-21. She missed the closer in the net. But on Washburn's next serve Jannetta Parker closed out the game with a kill off the back wall.

For the night Kiah Hanssen-Kilpatrick had 10 kills.

5 games
Jenny Ewert, St. James 43 vs Waseca 3-2
Breau Miller, St. James 37 vs Waseca 3-2
3 games
Jenny Ewert, St. James 31 vs Blue Earth 3-0

5 games
Anna Tuura, St. James 19 vs Waseca 3-2

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Nelson's 1000

#2 posting 9.27.2006
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Meredith Nelson recently powered home kill #1000 in the Illinois game. She is the 18th Gopher to reach that level. Here is the MN Daily with a story on the middle hitter from St. Croix Falls, WI.

#24 SW MN State beat #22 Wayne State in four games on Tuesday night. This was a fight for second place in the Northern Sun. From the Marshall Indpendent.

#8AAA Owatonna swept without too many problems Mankato East 10, 9, 20. From the Mankato Free Press.

Maple River swept LeCenter 11, 22, 20 in Valley action last night. The Mankato Free Press was there to tell the story.

It was payback time as Wabasha-Kellogg remembered last year's loss in the sections to St. Charles in a four game win. St. Charles took game 3 25-21. This & more in the Winona Daily News.

Cook swept Cherry 17, 22, 21 in St. Louis County action.

Luverne went across the state line to beat Lennox, SD in five games. Luverne lost the first two games and came back to win the whole kitenkaboodle. This game & more in the Worthington Daily Globe.

Lakeview topped RTR in four in Camden action. From the Marshall Independent.

Mabel-Canton dueled with Lanesboro in a four game match in Southeast Action.

Hibbing is 5-1 and tied for first in the MN north division. The open the second half of the conference tonight.

Mallory Zimmermann, Mankato East 500th kill vs New Prague 9.25.2006

3 games
Karissa Johnson, Owatonna 8 vs Mankato East 3-0

5 games
Cassie Gran, Caledonia 40 vs Fillmore Central 3-2
Dina Xaphakby, Luverne 38 vs Lennox, SD 3-2
4 games
Monica Ashburn, SW MN State 54 vs Wayne State 3-1
Brittany Vaplon, Wabasha-Kellogg 37 vs St. Charles 3-1
Katie Christensen, RTR 49 vs Lakeview 1-3

5 games
Courtney Bergey, Fillmore Central 33 vs Caledonia 2-3
4 games

Sarah Quiram, SW MN State 23 vs Wayne State 3-1
Monica Ashburn, SW MN State 21 vs Wayne State 3-1
Jackie Hust, Wabasha-Kellogg 26 vs St. Charles 3-1
Christal Balow, Wabasha-Kellogg 20 vs St. Charles 3-1
Kendra Norby, Lanesboro 24 vs Houston 1-3

5 games
Chelsea Nagle, Fillmore Central 22 vs Caledonia 2-3
4 games
Erin Contons, SW MN State 24 vs Waynes State 3-1
Emily Schroeder, Wayne State 20 vs SW MN State 1-3
Danielle Peters, Wabasha-Kellogg 17 vs St. Charles 3-1
Bonnie Albirght, Lanesboro 17 vs Houston 3-1
Jamie Gniffke, Lakeview 15 vs RTR 3-1
Kendra Bornhoft, RTR 15 vs Lakeview 1-3
3 games
Amy Kallemeyn, Edgerton 16 vs Adrian 3-0
Laura Kramer, Fulda 15 vs Red Rock Central 3-0

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DGF Rolls

#1 posting 9.27.2006
your daily dose of girls volleyball news & information

UM Crookston picked up a win over Bemidji State and never let them get to 20 in an 18, 17, 14 sweep.

The North Central went 2-1 over the Northern Sun last night. UM Duluth beat Concoridia St. Paul and St. Cloud State beat Upper Iowa. The only loss for the NCC was Northern State's win over South Dakota.
St. Cloud State downed Upper Iowa in four. The only blemish on the night was game two for SCSU.
Northern State beat South Dakota after losing the first game 30-27. The next three went 27, 28, 26. This was the only match that the Northern Sun won.

#1 AA DGF had on problems with Heart O'Lakes conference foe Frazee 11, 10, 16. From the Fargo Forum.

#9AA Byron improved its overall record to 12-4 and HVL record to 5-0 in a conference win over Pine Island. The Bears served 90% with 9 aces and had a team kill efficiency of .286 in their victory. Jill Storlie had a season high 14 kills and 5 ace blocks. Ashley Pyfferoen had 15 digs and 7 kills. Racquel Reker had 13 digs, 4 kills, 3 ace serves. Steph Vosberg had 12 digs and 8 set assists. Nicole Koester had 9 digs, 4 kills, 3 ace serves. Brittlyn Olson had 17 set assists. Ginna Hanks had 4 digs.Byron will face Rochester Lourdes on Thurs.

#4AAA Marshall bounced back from the losses at Apple Valley tournament with a 14, 21, 20 sweep of Sioux Falls Roosevelt. from the Marshall Independent.

Mora beat Elk River in a sweep 22, 13, 23. From the Elk River Star News.

Moorhead finished with an exclamation point win 25-4 in a four game match with Thief River Falls. From the Fargo Forum.

Sauk Rapids beat Alexandria in Central Lakes action in five. They won the first two games and found enough in the tank for the 15-9 win in game five. This game and others like #5AA St. Cloud Cathedral's win over Paynesville in the St. Cloud Times.

#1AAA Lakeville North swept #6AAA Bloomington Kennedy 23, 15, 17
#2 AAA Chaska swept Eastview 14, 12, 19
#3AAA Eden Prairie went four with Eagan for a win.
#9 AAA Hibbing swept Eveleth-Gilbert 9, 13, 18
#10 AAA Andover swept Mounds View 12, 22, 19

4 games
Sierra Nowak, St. Cloud State 50 vs Upper Iowa 3-1
Kellie Heier, Northern State 45 vs South Dakota 3-1
Katelyn Schwartzenberger, Moorhead 33 vs TRF 3-1
Morgan Pieper, Warroad 39 vs Roseau 1-3
Katie Langlie, Roseau 34 vs Warroad 3-1
Alli Kuznia, Stephen-Argyle 35 vs Kittson North 1-3
3 games
Macie Michelson, Marshall 31 vs SF Roosevelt 3-0

4 games
Amber Kobus, South Dakota 28 vs Northern State 1-3
Melanie Perez, Northern State 21 vs South Dakota 3-1
Andreana Pieper, St. Cloud State 21 vs Upper Iowa 3-1

5 games
Amy Pederson, Sauk Rapids 22 vs Alexandria 3-2
Laura Greenwood, Duluth East 19 vs Bemidji 3-2
Danielle Lucia, St. Cloud Apollo 19 vs St. Cloud Tech 3-2
Devin Trefz, Bagley 26 vs Win-E-Mac 3-2
Hannah Johnson, Greenway 22 vs Grand Rapids 2-3
Kayli Schumacher, EGF Sacred Heart 32 vs Grygla-Goodridge 3-2
Tami Pawlowski, Warren-Alvarado-Oslo 21 vs BGMR 3-2
Lisa Buchholz, Win-E-Mac 15 vs Bagley 2-3
4 games
Ashley Gross, South Dakota 20 vs Northern State 1-3
Kelsey Aden, Northern State 18 vs South Dakota 3-1
Odemaris Diaz, Northern State 16 vs South Dakota 3-1
Katie Rygh, Warroad 16 vs Roseau 1-3
3 games
Amanda Beekman, Marshall 17 vs SF Roosevelt 3-0
Courtney Halvorson, Red Lake County Central 17 vs Red Lake Falls 3-0
Claire Rydeen, Clearbrook-Gonvick 16 vs Mahnomen 3-0

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

UM Duluth Tops Concordia St. Paul

#2 posting 9.26.2006
your daily dose of girls volleyball news & information

In the big D2 matchup tonight host #6 UM Duluth dropped #3 Concordia St. Paul in four games. After losing the first game 30-26, Duluth took the next three 27, 16, 23. Duluth lost to Concordia last year in the regionals last year. For the night Jessica Lucia, CSP had 26 kills in the loss, Vicky Braegelmann had 23 for Duluth.

The Star Tribune has a story on Concordia Moorhead in tomorrow's edition. CM is in the top five for the first time. They currently are #4. Concordia St. Paul is also mentioned later in the report.

Certain sections of the Metro get special features in "west" or "south" neighborhood sections. Wayzata is featured in the West section about how they plan on getting back to the State tournament. They reached the event in 2004 and would like another taste.

United South Central went 2-0-2 last weekend at Truman. They opened with splits against New Ulm and Mankato Loyola, and won two against GHEC/Martin Luther and host Truman. Article is from the Albert Lea Tribune.

Paynesville lost to Minnewaska last week in five. The Paynesville Press now tells the tale.
Kingsland lost to Goodhue last Thursday for their first loss in the Three Rivers conference. More in the Spring Valley Tribune.

AAA had a change at the top. Lakeville North now rules the roost replacing Chaska, now 2nd. AA (DGF) and A (Minneota) stay the same.

Minneapolis SW beat Henry 25-13, 25-5, 22-25, and 25-20. After a listless two game performance it looked as if SW was set for the sweep. They steamrolled Henry picking up six and eight points in the first two serves in game two to lead 15-2. Henry did not earn one point in that game.
Somehow Henry had the resilliancy to fight back. SW led 5-3 when Xylina Yang came up with three points with two scored on Courtney Phillips overpass kills. Henry pushed the lead up to 10-7. SW came back on Haley Lobsiger's three points on her serve and it was tied 11 all. SW looked as if they were in the driver's seat as Britta Syverson served up five points to make it 19-13. Henry sided out on a Kiah Hanssen-Kilpatrick kill and Wendy Vang replaced KHK at the service line. Vang served up five points in her first attempts of the night with one ace in the mix. SW took a time out at 19-17 , but Henry scored two more times. SW led 20-19 on the side out. A missed SW Serve and a kill by Jannetta Parker on Xylina Yang's serve made the score 21 all after she was through. Stef Zappa got the side out with a push kill and Henry led again 22-21. Carrie Moua notched an ace for point 23. Her missed serve made it 23-22. A SW hitting error made it 24-22. Matha Her, in her only serve of the night, made it a good one. Stef Zappa again put it where they weren't for point 25-22.

SW jumped out to a 5-2 lead early. Henry battled back and tied it up at 5 with three serves by Lucia Carver and two straight kills by Jannetta Parker. They game went back & forth with neither team gaining any traction. Henry had a moment after Carver's serve where they led 16-14. Two more side outs and Henry led for the last time at 17-15. After a sideout Syverson had the ball for six service points to give SW the lead for good 22-17. Henry did close to 22-19, but a missed serve and a hitting error made it 24-19. SW missed their serve, and Henry also did in an anticlimatic finish to what turned out to be a competitive match. You never would have thought so after the second game however.

4 games
Katie Gangelhoff, UM Duluth 65 vs Concordia St. Paul 3-1
Maggie McNamara, Concordia St. Paul 53 vs UM Duluth 1-3

4 games

Chelsea Meierotto, UM Duluth 24 vs Concordia St. Paul 3-1

4 games
Jessica Lucia, Concordia St. Paul 26 vs UM Duluth 1-3
Vicky Braegelmann, UM Duluth 23 vs Concordia St. Paul 3-1
Rachel Langseth, UM Duluth 15 vs Concordia St. Paul 3-1

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Next up: tomorrow morning with more HS results.

Leg Injuries, Players of the Week

#1 posting 9.26.2006
your daily dose of girls volleyball news & information

#6 UM Duluth hosts #3 Concordia St. Paul in a battle between the top teams from the North Central and Northern Sun.

#2A Bethlehem Academy swept Wabasha-Kellogg 20, 17, 19. or did Wabasha-Kellogg win? The Winona Daily News says WK. MN Scores says BA. Who is right?

After a slow start, #9AA Byron defeated Dover-Eyota in 3 games. Scores were 25-22, 25-10, 25-13. Ashley Pyfferoen had 12 kills and 5 ace serves to lead the Bears' attack. Jill Storlie added 11 kills, 2 ace serve and 8 digs and Racquel Reker had 8 kills, 3 ace serves and 10 digs. Brittlyn Olson had 14 set assists and 2kills. Stephanie Vosberg had 10 set assists, 2 ace serves and 8 digs. Kelly Wait had 4 kills, and Nicole Koester had 3 kills, w ace serves and 8 digs. Tara Hanenberger had 4 digs. Byron is now 11-4 overall and 4-0 in the HVL. They play at Pine Island tomorrow night.

#6AA Pipestone downed Fulda in five with a 15-12 win in final game. From the Worthington Daily Globe.

Worthington went four with Round Lake-Brewster stubbing their toe in game two 27-25. From the WDG.

Winona Cotter beat Lewiston-Altura in four last night. WC fell in game two. From the Winona Daily News.

In games with out stories
#10AAA Andover swept St. Francis.
#5 Apple Valley lost in five games to unranked Eastview.

In College Viterbo beat Martin Luther in four with all of Viterbo's wins 30-28.

Chelsea Meierotto, UM Duluth was named defensive player of the week for the second time this season in the North Central conference.
Also picking up awards: Andrea Oswald, Augustana as offensive; and Katie Agnew, Nebraska-Omaha as setter. It was Oswald's second time honored. It was the first time this year Katie Gangelhoff was not named to the setter award.

Jessica Lucia, Concordia St. Paul, was named offensive player of the week in the Northern Sun. Ashley Maas, Mary was defensive player, and the Setter award was won by Maggie McNamara, CSP, for the third time this season.

In the MIAC Hamline's Dana Luiken (offensive) and Emily Klein of Gustavus (defensive) were honored.

A study from St. Louis University says diet and leg pain are related. A low calorie diet puts players at risk for leg injury. Read more of the AP Wire from the Duluth News-Tribune.

How does my story on the Armstrong/Rogers game compare to the one in the Elk River Star News? you be the judge.

Grand Rapids is now 6-6 after beating Cloquet 3-1 on a rare Friday night game. From the Grand Rapids Herald.

Crookston ended up in 4th place in the Bagley Tournament on Saturday going 2-2-1. More from the Crookston Times.

Albert Lea won the Rochester John Marshall Tournament Saturday beating the hosts in three games. JM won game one. More from the Albert Lea Tribune.

5 games
Meghan Visker, Pipestone 40 vs Fulda 3-2
Sam Raddle, Fulda 41 vs Pipestone 2-3
4 games
Katie Werle, Winona Cotter 30 vs Lewiston-Altura 3-1

5 games
Mandy Gunderman, Fulda 22 vs Pipestone 2-3
Brooke Kuehne, Fulda 21 vs Pipestone 2-3

5 games
Faith Tinklenberg, Pipestone 17 vs Fulda 3-2
Laura Kramer, Fulda 17 vs Pipestone 2-3
Kaitlyn Kramer, Fulda 17 vs Pipestone 2-3
4 games
Jenny Gilbertson, Winona Cotter 19 vs Lewiston-Altura 3-1

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Out & About: Armstrong/Rogers

#2 posting 9.25.2006
your daily dose of girls volleyball news & information

Armstrong 3, Rogers 2

Tonight was a section 5 matchup between the upstart Rogers and Armstrong who last won the section in 2003. Amrstrong had a sloppy start, but eventually hit their stride in the fourth game, limiting their mistakes in holding off a scrappy Rogers team.

In game one Armstrong dug a huge hole to start as Rogers' Jamie Fuhrman served up 8 straight points to open the game. The only earned Rogers point was a block. All other points were the result of Armstrong gifts wrapped up as hitting errors, lifts, and net violations. Armstrong took a time out a 6-0, but the bleeding continued for two more points. By the time Steph Wallin served Armstrong cut the lead to 11-7, but on Wahlin's second serve she was wide. Rogers pushed the lead back to 15-9 on a side out by Erica Sudduth. Then Armstrong, after a side out, added five more points on Krista Pedersen's serve as it was Rogers' turn to make mistakes. The only earned points was a Ana Sather kill for the side out, and an ace on point 14 for Armstrong. When Rogers got the side out they held a 16-15 lead. Rogers extended the lead to 20-17, but Armstrong crept back to 21-20. Armstrong had a hitting error to give the ball back to Rogers to make it 22-20. Rogers scored the last three points on Kendra Black's serve. Jamie Furhman had two kills, including point 25.

In game two it was Rogers that was behind the 8 ball early as Armstrong built a 6-1 lead. Rogers burned one time out at that point. But Rogers did come back to hold get their first lead at 10-9. A series of sideouts kept Rogers in the lead at 12-11. That was their last lead. Rogers had sideded out five straight times at that juncture. Krista Pederson's serve put Armstrong back in the lead. Rogers did tie it at 17 on Amy Neubauer's serve, but a sideout kill by Wallin put the ball in Wallin's hand for the serve. She proceeded to to serve up six points to make it 24-17. Rogers did try to stop the momentum with a timeout at 20-17, but Wallin continued her serve. A side out and a block finished the second game 25-18.

Rogers took game three, but had to rally to do it. The first real lead was held by Armstrong at 8-5 after Wallin's serve. But Armstrong would only side out at .273 for that game. After Wallin's serve Black served up four points, all the result of Armstrong mistakes. Armstrong had one last lead at 14-12 with three straight aces by Ericka Mahlum. Furhman gave the lead right back to Rogers at 16-15 when her serve was done. A key point was #19 when the Rogers defense rose to the occasion with two superb digs to keep the ball alive. Neubauer's kill from the left side made it 19-15. Armstrong took a time out to reorganize. Another Rogers big point came on 22 with a push kill from Marika Paumen to an empty left front. The third game ended on Black's ace.

That was the last straw for Armstrong. They played shutdown side out ball with 13/14 in the crucial fourth game. Armstrong led from start to finish in this game. They had six straight side outs to keep Rogers in check. They closed with seven straight to prevent any rallies. This game belonged to Krista Pedersen with 8 of her 10 kills. The biggest run came with Julie Kocemba's jump serve which resulted in four points. Pederson had 3 of her kills and Kocemba had an ace.

Armstrong continued to play cleaner ball in game five. Rogers led 3-1 early, but the roof caved in on Kristi Larson's serve as she ripped off 8 straight points. Rogers took time outs at 4-3 and 8-3. Before Larson had the serve Wallin crunched a ball out of the middle for a side out. She had five kills in the run breaking the back of Rogers. Wallin had 2 kills out of the middle, 1 kill down the line from the left side and she also used the tip out of both the left and the middle. When Rogers did get the ball back Wallin hit a ball of the block to return it back to Armstrong. Wallin finished the night with three serves including the first an ace. The game ended on Pedersen's kill.

Serve order, Name, Position, Aces, Blocks, Kills---totals
#1 Ericka Mahlum
, S 3-.5-1--4.5
#2 Krista Pedersen, OH 2-0-10--12
#3 Kristi Larson, MH 1-0-5--6
#4br Tina Callanan, S 2-0-0---2
#4fr Ana Sather, RH 0-0-5---5
#5 Steph Wallin, OH 3-0-18---21
#6br Julie Kocemba, L 2-0-2---4
#6fr Maura Jackson, MH 0-0-2---2
Laura Dickmeyer, MH 0-.5-2--2.5
Totals 13-1-45--59 points, 45 points on Rogers errors

#1 Jamie Fuhrman, OH 0-4-0---4
#2 Mikayla Boerger, S 2-.5-5--7.5
#3 Erica Sudduth, MH 1-2.5-5---8.5
#4 Amy Neubauer, OH 1-0-3--4
#5br Kendra Black, BR 2-0-0---2
#5fr Samantha Sorenson, RH 0-0-3---3
#6fr Marika Paumen, MH 0-0-3---3
#6br Ashley Yoss 0-0-0---0
Totals 6-3-23---32 points, 57 points on Armstrong errors

Steph Wallin, 7 kills in the 5th game alone.

team, 1stso/serves--1stso%; pts scored, % earned, % allowed
33/51--.647, 104; .567; .640
Rogers 27/50--.540; 89, .360; .433
If you look at the points allowed you see Rogers had 64% of their points as a result of Armstrong mistakes. Rogers played a decent defensive game waiting for Armstrong to mess up. When Armstrong cleaned up their game, and Wallin mixed up her approaches to keep Rogers off balance, it was over.

Rotation Point totals
1 14-13 +1
2 23-17 +6
3 20-13 +7 Thanks to the 9-1 run in game five this was the best rotation.
4 15-13 +2
5 21-19 +2
6 10-6 +4
Rotations 2, 3, 4 has Wallin in the front row. Armstrong was up +15 when she was there. Up seven when she is in the back.

1 23-23 0
2 16-21 -5
3 13-15 -2
4 12-24 -12
5 17-11 +6
6 8-9 -1
Rotation 4 damaged Rogers' chances.

Next up: Tomorrow morning with More Monday results.

#1 Minneota Rules Worthington Tournament

#1 posting 9.25.2006
your daily dose of girls volleyball news & information

Here are a couple of Monday-Saturday (or Friday) papers with recaps of what happened this weekend.

Coach Mike Hebert is now has the most wins of any volleyball coach in Minnesota Gopher history with the two wins at Northwestern and Illinois. Hebert also credits the better play recently to the return of seniors Kelly Bowman and Malama (Marci) Peniata. From the MN Daily.

SW MN State ripped up Upper Iowa on Saturday 16, 20, 24. From the Marshall Independent.

I already gave a report on the Marshall Tigers' Saturday experience at the Apple Valley tournament with a 2-1 loss to AV and a 2-0 loss to Lord Selkirk. Now you can read the Marshall Independent's account.

#1A Minneota rolled to the Worthinton tournament championship on Saturday. The championship game was a solid 11, 10 thrashing of Edgerton. Later in the article, there is some more AV tournament information with Jackson County Central. More in the Worthington Daily Globe.
For more on the Minneota side of things check out the Marshall Independent. This is Minneota's second tournament win. They won the Jackson County Central tournament on the 16th.

A wrap of volleyball action in the Willmar area with Renville County West's 3-2 win over Redwood Valley leading the article is found in the West Central Tribune.

5 games
Christal Greenslit, Redwood Valley 28 vs RCW 2-3
Megan Groen, Renville County West 19 vs Redwood Valley 3-2
Kortney Mulder, Renville County West 17 vs Redwood Valley 3-2

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Apple Valley Rehash & Other Winners

#4 posting 9.24.2006
your daily dose of girls volleyball news & information

HS Recap
You might have missed my Out & Abouts from Saturday about the AV Tourney now you can read about Lakeville North's win over host Apple Valley in the StarTribune and Pioneer Press. It was LN's (or Lakeville's) first championship in the premier tournemant. LN beat AV on Thursday 3-1.

Apple Valley: Lakeville North
Bagley: Warroad
Becker: St. Paul Central
Chisholm: Chisholm
Decorah, IA: Mabel-Canton
Thief River Falls: Red Lake County Central
Truman: United South Central
Wabasha-Kellogg: Wabasha-Kellogg

North Iowa downed Riverland on Friday in a sweep 20, 23, 18.

Next up: tomorrow morning

St. Benedict's Knocks Off Carleton

#3 posting 9.24. 2006
your daily dose of girls volleyball news & information

Sorry this is late, I had obligations today

D3 Recap
#4 Concordia Moorhead swept St. Mary's 19, 11, 27. Becca Shane led the way for CM with 18 kills. Concordia is now tied with Gustavus at the top with 4-0 records.

#23 St. Benedict swept #18 Carleton with tight games all the way through 27, 31-29, 28.

#6 St. Thomas beat Augsburg in four. Rachelle Dosch of St. Thomas had better than 20/20 vision with 20 kills and 31 digs. Both teams together had 478 attacks on the night.

Hamline beat neighboring Macalester in five with a tight 15-13 final. Macalester had 6 more kills, but also had more attack errors with 5.
St. Benedict, St. Thomas and Hamline all are tied in 3rd with 3-1 records.

In another fiver Bethel went the distance with St. Olaf. This was another game where the loser had more kills. St. O had 11 more kills on the night, but also had 14 more hitting errors.
Bethel is 3-2 in conference.

Stevens Point beat River Falls in four. It was Stevens Point's first win over RF since 1998.

UW Stout won twice Saturday with a sweep of Northland and a 3-2 win over Lakeland.

UW Whitewater won twice in with a pair of sweeps over Chicago and William Penn in the Central IA Tournament.
#12 Central IA beat Bethany Lutheran in three 18, 24, 18. They ended up 4-0 in the tournament.

5 games
Audrey Volstad, St. Olaf 58 vs Bethel 2-3
Laura Naig, Bethel 54 vs St. Olaf 3-2
Kari Tanaka, Macalester 54 vs Hamline 2-3
Jenny Nichols, Hamline 49 vs Macalester 3-2

5 games
Joslin Geisler, Bethel 31 vs St. Olaf 3-2
Janet Sully, St. Olaf 26 vs Bethel 2-3
Jenna Witt, Hamline 24 vs Macalester 3-2
Tasha Simmons, Hamline 22 vs Macalester 3-2
4 games
Katie Kremer, St. Thomas 34 vs Augsburg 3-1
Lori Marten, UW Stevens Point 33 vs UW River Falls 3-1
Rachelle Dosch, St. Thomas 31 vs Augsburg 3-1
Aly McConnell, St. Thomas 29 vs Augsburg 3-1
Haley Bower, Augsburg 27 vs St. Thomas 1-3
Tressa Gustafson, UW River Falls 27 vs UW Stevens Point 1-3
Dani Boner, Augsburg 26 vs St. Thomas 1-3
Kat Krtnick, UW River Falls 23 vs UW Stevens Point 1-3
3 games
Emma Jaynes. St. Benedict 21 vs Carleton 3-0
Laura Barsness, Carleton 20 vs St. Benedict 0-3

5 games
Sonia Muzikarova, Macalester 27 vs Hamline 2-3
Dana Luiken, Hamline 24 vs Macalester 3-2
Liz Glesne, Bethel 22 vs St. Olaf 3-2
Andrea Otteman, St. Olaf 18 vs Bethel 2-3
Christine Brook, St. Olaf 16 vs Bethel 2-3
4 games
Rachelle Dosch, St. Thomas 20 vs Augsburg 3-1
Breann Woelfel, Augsburg 17 vs St. Thomas 1-3
3 games
Becca Shane, Concordia Moorhead 18 vs St. Mary's 3-0

Next up: a wrap of the HS tourney action from yesterday.

Concordia St. Paul Sweeps Wayne State

#2 posting 9.24.2006
your daily dose of girls volleyball news & information

#3 Concordia St. Paul won the showdown against #25 Wayne State in three 27, 28, 18.

Bemidji State won the first game, but Northern State won the rest in a 3-1 win.

SW MN State bounced back from their loss to CSP on Friday with a sweep of Upper Iowa.

Winona State took MSU Moorhead in a five game match. After winning the first game, Winona State lost the next two. They got their mojo back in the 4th with a 30-21 win. It was 15-11 in the final game.

#6 UM Duluth beat MSU Mankato in four. Duluth won the first two games, but lost the third. UMD hosts Concordia St. Paul Tuesday. UMD is in first place with a 4-0 record.

Augustana beat St. Cloud State in four only losing game three. The odd fact in this game was that St. Cloud State had 4 more kills than Augustana, but 14 more hitting errors as well. Augustana is 2nd at 3-0

North Dakota beat South Dakota in four.

5 games
Lisa Dobie, Winona State 49 vs MSU Moorhead 3-1
4 games
Allison Louwagie, North Dakota 57 vs South Dakota 3-1
Katie Gangelhoff, UM Duluth 54 vs MSU Mankato 3-1
Rebecca Zenefski, St. Cloud State 48 vs Augustana 1-3
Lisa Hoegh, Augustana 47 vs St. Cloud State 3-1
3 games
Maggie McNamara, Concordia St. Paul 46 vs Wayne State 3-0

5 games
Megan Pulvermacher, Winona State 22 vs MSU Moorhead 3-1
4 games
Brie Groskreutz, Bemidji State 26 vs Northern State 1-3
Chelsea Meierotto, UM Duluth 25 vs MSU Mankato 3-1
Abby Schmidt, Augustana 25 vs St. Cloud State 3-1
Andreana Pieper, St. Cloud State 22 vs Augustana 1-3
Amber Kobus, South Dakota 22 vs North Dakota 1-3
Kellie Heier, Northern State 21 vs Bemidji State 3-1
Lindsey Gothe, St. Cloud State 20 vs Augustana 1-3
3 games
Ashley Olson, Concordia St. Paul 22 vs Wayne State 3-0
Megan Graham, Concordia St. Paul 20 vs Wayne State 3-0

5 games
Megan Pulvermacher, Winona State 20 vs MSU Moorhead 3-1
4 games
Andrea Oswald, Augustana 20 vs St. Cloud State 3-1
Britta Hanson, North Dakota 18 vs South Dakota 3-1
Lindsey Gothe, St. Cloud State 17 vs Augustana 1-3
Jamie Vander Kooi, South Dakota 17 vs North Dakota 1-3
Ashley Gross, South Dakota 16 vs North Dakota 1-3
Kristi Pangrac, St. Cloud State 15 vs Augustana 1-3
3 games
Jessica Lucia, Concordia St. Paul 21 vs Wayne State 3-0
Emily Schroeder, Wayne State 15 vs Concordia St. Paul 0-3

Next up: D3 action later like late afternoonish.

Gophers Sweep Illinois

#1 posting 9.24.2006
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D1 recap
BIG 10
Minnesota swept Illinois 27, 18, 32-30 on Saturday night. In so doing Coach Hebert is now the winningest Gopher coach in history with 264.
Wisconsin swept Northwestern 22, 24, 22.

North Dakota State won the Brown Invitational with two more wins on Saturday. They swept Fordham and then beat the hosts in four. With the wins NDSU is now 9-9 on the year. Sheila Parrish and Lindsey Rogers made the all tournament team.

South Dakota State swept Robert Morris in the IPFW tournament finishing 2-1.

Connecticut opened Big East play with a sweep 20, 25, 22 of West Virginia. Bridget Denson-Dorman had 37 assists and Lorelle Schaub had three kills.
Erin Boeve had 9 kills, 3 solo and 3 assist blocks but it was Oklahoma that swept Iowa State. Laura Cady had 13 digs.
Amy Sampson had four kills for Northern Iowa in a five match win over Missouri State.
UW Green Bay went four games with Youngstown State and came away a winner. Betty Slinger had 46 assists and missed a triple double by 2 digs.

4 games
Betty Slinger, UW Green Bay 46 vs Youngstown State 3-1
3 games
Jackie Simpson, Wisconsin 47 vs Northwestern 3-0

4 games
Megan Elfering, UW Green Bay 22 vs Youngstown State 3-1
Sarah Rauen, UW Green Bay 21 vs Youngstown State 3-1
3 games
Malama Peniata, Minnesota 23 vs Illinois 3-0

4 games
Abby Bergsma, UW Green Bay 19 vs Youngstown State 3-1
Holly Visser, UW Green Bay 17 vs Youngstown State 3-1
3 games
Brittney Dolgner, Wisconsin 22 vs Northwestern 3-0

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Out & About: Lakeville North/Apple Valley

#8 posting 9.23.2006
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Lakeville North 2, Apple Valley 1

The Lake conference is the toughest in the state of Minnesota for volleyball. They have six teams in the top 10. So it is no surprise that these two teams met. LN was #2 coming in, AV was #7.

With Kelsey Brandl leading the way early for LN the Panthers grabbed the early lead at 6-3. LN extended that lead to 9-6 after Cori Revsbeck serve. Apple Valley had a run of four points on Stephanie Henneman's serve and when she was done it was 14-13 LN. AV took their first lasting lead on when Kori Trenda had a side out kill on Brandl's serve. When Jennifer Johnson served she added three points, the first on an ace. AV's Catherine Earp was able to exploit the tip kill over the block on the left side for point 21 on Johnson's serve, and then to gain the side out on point 22. She then served up an ace to make it 23-19. She served out with Bowell putting down a kill for 24, and a block by Henneman and Wigen for 25.

LN jumped out quickly in game two with five straight points on Taylor Fieldsted's serve. Brandl had a hand in four of those points with a block and three kills. AV had to use a time out at 4-0. AV did come back and in fact tied it up at 8 on Earp's kill. LN reestablished its lead up to 10-8 and then breaks at 14-12, and 17-14. AV did close the game to 22-21 on Bowell's kill during Wigen's serve. Then Dani Roers had a big sideout kill for LN to give them some breathing room at 23-21. On Fieldsted's serve LN got their points on AV hitting and passing errors to finish the game 25-21.

That seemed to energize LN for game three. They started with a kill by Amy Braun and an AV passing error. AV took a quick time out at 2-0 and Natalie Simpson came up with a block for AV. Braun added two kills as LN built their lead to 8-3. After an AV point and sideout it was Brandl's serve. She had two straight aces with net cryers followed by a kill by Amanda Anderson to make it 12-4. AV took their last time out but another receiving error/ace made it 13-4. A Braun side out kill pushed it to 14-5. It was only a matter of time and for the second straight match a missed serve ended the game.

Serve order, Name, Position, Aces, Blocks, Kills---totals
#1br Taylor Fieldsted, L 0-0-0---0
#1fr Kristen Zeise, RH 0-0-1--1
#1fr Amanda Anderson, MH 0-2.5-2--4.5
#2 Torey Broback, OH 1-.5-0--1.5
#3br Kayla Kirby, D 0-0-0---0
#3fr Dani Roers, OH 0-1-3--4
#4 Kelsey Brandl, MH 2-1-15--18
#5 Cori Revsbeck, S 0-0-1--1
#6 Amy Braun, OH 0-0-12--12
Total: 2-6-33-41 points, 18 points on AV errors

#1 Lauren Wigen, S 0-.5-0--.5
#2br Lisa Ruff, BR 0-0-0---0
#2fr Christen Bowell, OH 0-0-11---11
#3br Susan Halverson, L 0-0-0---0
#3fr Kalin Stenhaug, MH 0-0-1---1
#4br Jennifer Johnson, BR 1-0-0---1
#4fr Kori Trenda, RH 0-0-4---4
#5 Catherine Earp, OH 1-0-12--13
#6 Stephanie Henneman, MH 1-.5-0--1.5
#6 Natalie Simpson, MH 1-2-0---3
Totals: 4-3-28--35 points, 18 points on LN errors

Kelsey Brandl a big difference maker, and she serves too.

team, 1stso/serves--1stso%; pts scored, % earned, % allowed
Lakeville North 11/27--.407; 59, .695, .340
Apple Valley 12/28--.429; 53, .660; .305
AV led in 1st ball side out, it wasn't dominating, but they led. They also only gave away 30% of LN's points.

LAKEVILLE NORTH rotation points
1 14-8 +6
2 10-9 +1
3 12-11 +1
4 10-8 +2
5 6-11 -5
6 6-8 -2

APPLE VALLEY rotation points
1 6-15 -9
2 9-12 -3
3 8-9 -1
4 13-12 +1
5 9-7 +2
6 8-4 +4

This is quite clear on the Brandl impact LN up +7 when she is in the front row, down 7 when she is not in the game period. She is in to serve on rotation 4. Look at AV's defense with Brandl in the front row -13. AV was up 7 when Brnadl was out.

Next up: tomorrow morning, whew

Out & About: Lord Selkirk/Marshall

#7 posting 9.23.2006
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3rd Place game
Lord Selkirk 2, Marshall 0

Two teams from outside the metro area decided 3rd place and it was the Canadian team coming away with the victory.

The first game was the make or break game. Selkirk held a lead at 6-4 but Marshall came back on Anna Beekman's serve to lead 8-7. Hope Weilage had two kills on a quick and an overpass to take the lead. The game was tied often the last time at 13-13 before Marshall took command. On Macie Michelson's serve Marshall bumped their lead to 16-13. Selkirk had to take a time out to stop the run and Megan Cyr, the setter did it on a dump. Marshall kept the margin at 3/4 as Beekman served up point 20 on a Selkirk hitting error. It was 20-16 Marshall at this point. That is when the floor gave way. A side out kill by Victoria Ryshytylo gave the ball back to Selkirk. Tiffany Sumka, the libero, then served up six straight. She opened with an ace. The Selkirk block game came up with two points. Sumka had another ace and two kills later it was 23-20 Selkirk. Marshall's second time out at 23-20 (the first at 20-19 didn't get a side out) stopped the damage as their go to hitter Beekman put one down. But Amy Leschied of Selkirk ended the first game with two kills.

Selkirk led throughout the second game. Selkirk got four points off Cyr's and Sawatzky's serves to build a 14-5 lead. Marshall burned their second time out and as with their first time out they came out with a side out, but the hole was too deep. Both teams finished 11-11 after the time out. Beekman again led the Marshall charge late with six kills.

Serve order, Name, Position, Aces, Blocks, Kills---totals
#1 Julie Robertson, OH 0-.5-2---2.5
#2 Amy Leschied, MH 2-2.5-5--9.5
#3 Megan Cyr, S 2-1-4---7
#4 Jill Sawatzky, OH 0-0-8---8
#5 Tiffany Sumka, L 3-0-0---3
#5fr Victoria Ryshytylo, MH 0-.5-3--3.5
#6br Carleigh Fielding, S 1-0-0---0
#6fr Kristalyn Bielik 0-.5-2--2.5
Totals 6-4-24---34, 16 points on Marshall errors

#1 (g1) Rachel Westby, OH 0-0-0--0
#1 (g2) Sara DeSaer, OH 0-0-0---0
#2 Macie Michelson, S 1-0-2---3
#3 Anna Full, MH 0-1-2---3
#4 Amanda Beekman, OH 0-0-13---13
#5 Kim Labat, S 0-0-0---0
#6br Shay Birath, L 1-0-0---1
#6fr Hope Weilage, MH 0-0-2---2
Totals: 2-1-19---22 points; 16 points on Selkirk errors

Megan Cyr, Lord Selkirk deceptive, stopped the bleeding in game one. dished the ball to the right people

team, 1stso/serves--1stso%; pts scored, % earned, % allowed
Lord Selkirk 7/20--.350, 50, .680; .421
Marshall 6/20--.300; 38, .553; .320

LORD SELKIRK rotation points
1 8-7 +1
2 7-9 -2
3 10-7 +3
4 8-7 +1
5 10-4 +6
6 6-5 +1

MARSHALL rotation points
1 7-7 0
2 9-8 +1
3 8-9 -1
4 8-15 -7
5 2-5 -3
6 4-5 -1

Marshall's 4th rotation had problems siding out. Both teams were not stellar in the sideout game. It was a game of runs. Lord Selkirk had more larger runs.

For those of you wondering where Lord Selkirk is located it is in Manitoba, Northeast of Winnipeg. Here is their district webpage if you are curious. This is the HS site. Selkirk's team is primarily made up of juniors (2008).

Next up: Championship Lakeville North/Apple Valley

Out & About: Eden Prairie/Burnsville

#6 posting 9.23.2006
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9th Place Finals
Eden Prairie 2, Burnsville 0

In a battle of Lake Conference teams Eden Prairie had better ball control and exploited their leftsides in a 25-21, 25-18 win.

In game one Burnsville jumped to an early lead 3-1 on three serves by Thea Deach including one ace. Tori Dixon was involved with a kill and a block. EP didn't get their first lead until 8-7 when Courtney Giles served up an ace. After a side out Burnsville regained the lead with Miranda Loken's serve 10-9. The Blaze built it up to 14-11 after Deach's second serve. but from that point on EP went on a 14-7 run to win 25-21. EP didn't take the lead for good until Giles' serve at 20-19. Jessi Peterson put down five points to help finish Burnsville in game one. Hailey Cowles finished the game with a side out kill.

EP didn't have to come from behind in game two. They led 6-2 after two serves and Burnsville took a time at 7-2. Cowles had three kills for EP points at 8-2. Burnsville had problems siding out in game two and EP took advantage of that with Giles serving up four and Lindsay Simmons providing three points. Burnsville took their last time out at 18-11 after three Burnsville errors for points. Both teams finished 7-7, but EP was a lot closer to the finish line.

Serve order, Name, Position, Aces, Blocks, Kills---totals
#1br Elise Bailey, BR 0-0-0--0
#1fr Jessi Peterson, OH 0-0-8---8
#2 Katie Vohnoutka, MH 2, 0, 2---4
#3 Hayley Buchanan, S 0-0-0---0
#4 Hailey Cowles, OH 0-.5-14---14.5
#5 Courtney Giles, MH 1-.5-2---3.5
#6 Lindsay Simmons, RS 0-0-0---0
Totals 3-1-26---30 points, 20 points on Burnsville errors

#1br Thea Deach, BR 1-0-0---1
#1fr Lauren Butler 0-0-2----2
#2br Bekka Gustafson, L 0-0-0---0
#2fr Danielle Dove RH 0-.5-1--1.5
#3 Samantha Pitzl, OH 1-0-7---8
#4 Tori Dixon, MH 2-.5-7--9.5
#5 Miranda Loken, S 0-0-0---0
#6 Katie Thomason, OH 1-0-5--6
Totals: 5-1-22--28 points, 11 points on EP errors

Player of the Game
This is the 3rd time for Hailey Cowles

team, 1stso/serves--1stso%; pts scored, % earned, % allowed
Eden Prairie 12/22--.545; 30, .600; .282
Burnsville 7/21---.333; 28, .718; .400

Eden Prairie
1 8-10 -2
2 10-5 +5
3 8-6 +2
4 6-5 +1
5 10-9 +1
6 8-4 +4

1 8-12 -4
2 5-8 -3
3 5-10 -5
4 7-7 0
5 5-9 -4
6 7-6 +1
One serve rotation in the negatives for EP, one in the positive zone for Burnsville that explains quite a bit. Also the points allowed. 40% of EPs points were on gifts.

Next up: Lord Selkirk vs Marshall in the 3rd place game followed by the championship between Lakeville North and Apple Valley

Out & About: Apple Valley/Marshall

#5 posting 9.23.2006
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Lakeville North won the Lakeville North tournament with a 2-1 win over the hosts.
Lakeville North reached the finals with a win over Lord Selkirk of Manitoba. Apple Valley beat Marshall 2-1 (the subject of this posting).
In other games I watched Eden Prairie beat Burnsville in two for 9th (consolation champion) and Lord Selkirk ended up with 3rd in a win over Marshall in two.

Apple Valley 2, Marshall 1

I did not get to this game right at game time. I had a few errands I had to do, but it wasn't that late. Apple Valley high school was the scene of not only a major volleyball tournament but also a huge cross country event. Parking was at a premium. Also when I got to the gate they didn't let me in without paying. Normally at other events I explain what I do and I get in. Not here. Now if my friends at the StarTribune and Pioneer Press got in free that isn't right.

I got to the game with AV up 13-5 in game one. When AV got the ball back Laura Wigen served up six straight helped by 3 AV kills and one ace. That put the score 20-9 when she was finished. The damage was done with the rest of that game side out action. AV won 25-13.

In game two Marshall's Amanda Beekman played possessed. After AV scored the first point Beekman had a hand in Marshall's first six points. First she got the sideo out with a kill. Then with Macie Michelson serving Beekman scored 3 points on blocks. For some reason AV tried to attack that side with poor results. Another sideout kill and then a kill on Anna Full's first serve gave Beekman the first six points. For this game she had 11 points on kills and blocks. After Full's serve Marshall led 9-3. AV did take a time out to stop the bleeding at 7-2. The closest AV was to get was 11-7. Marshall was able to hold on and rebuild the lead as the 10 point margin at the end was their largest lead of the game 25-15.

Both teams had sideouts to start game 3. AV held serve on Lisa Ruff's serve, but after a side out so did Full for Marshall. The game had ties all the way to 14 with neither team gaining more than a one point. With the score tied at 14 on Marshall's Shay Birath's serve there was a hitting error. The advantage then went to AV and on Stephanie Henneman's serve Natalie Simpson put down the kill to advance AV to the finals.

Keep in mind I missed the first 18 points.

Serve order, Name, position, Aces, Blocks, Kills--total
#1 Laura Wigen, S, 0-1-0--1
#2br Lisa Ruff, BR 0-0-0---0
#2fr Christen Bowell, OH 0-0-7--7
#3br Susan Halverson, Lib 1-0-1---2
#3fr Kori Trenda, RS 0-1-2--3
#4br Jennifer Johnson, BR 0-0-0---0
#4fr Natalie Simpson 0-0-2---2
#5 Catherine Earp, OH 0-0-6--6
#6 Kalin Stenhaug, MH 0-0-1--1
Totals: 2-2-18---22 points; 21 points on Marshall errors

#1 Rachel Westby, OH 0-0-0--0
#2 Macie Michelson, S 0-0-1---1
#3 Anna Full, MH 3-0-3---6
#4 Amanda Beekman 0-3.5-14--17.5
#5br Kim Labat, S 0-0-0---0
#5fr Kayla Wallerich, RS 0-0-1---1
#6br Shay Birath 0-0-0--0
#6fr Hope Weilage 0-1-3---4
Totals: 3-6-22--31 points; 15 points on AV errors

Amanda Beekman, even though AV won.

team, 1stso/serves--1stso%; pts scored, % earned, % allowed
Apple Valley 13/25--.520; 43, .512, .327
Marshall 13/25--.520; 46; .674; .488
If you see both teams had 1st ball sideout at .520, but when they did it is instructive. AV was 8/10 in game 3 never letting Marshall out of their sites. Marshall wasn't bad either at 6/11, but AV was tighter.

Point production by rotation
Apple Valley
1 12-10 +2
2 8-12 -4
3 8-7 +1
4 5-7 -2
5 4-4 0
6 6-6 0

1 7-5 +2
2 10-7 +3
3 13-8 +5
4 5-7 -2
5 5-3 +2
6 6-13 -7

These are the numbers as good as I can figure. The rest of the games I am there for the duration.

Next up: 9th place game Eden Prairie/Burnsville; 3rd place Lord Selkirk/Marshall; and Championship Lakeville North/Apple Valley

Dosch Reaches 1500 Digs

#4 posting 9.23.2006
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D3 Recap
Gustavus continued to roll with their fifth straight win. Augsburg was the victim in four games. Gustavus is now tied with Concordia Moorhead.

Macalester swept neighboring St. Catherine 26, 23, 25. They are in a four way tie for third with St. Benedict, St. Thomas, and Hamline.

St. Benedict got by St. Mary's in four to push their conference record to 2-1. St. Mary's won the first game and led 29-28 in game two when St. Ben's rallied for a win.

#6 St. Thomas swept St. Olaf 19, 17, 31-29. Rachelle Dosch, St. Thomas reached the 1500 dig mark in the contest.

Stevens Point knocked off Stout in five games.

Eau Claire swept #11 Oshkosh 26, 25, 19.

Hibbing went four games with Northland. Hibbing's only loss was in game three 26-30. Hibbing started the week 3-0 in the North.

5 games
Kat Roesler, Stout 47 vs Stevens Point 2-3
4 games
Beth Hanson, St. Benedict 51 vs St. Mary's 3-1

5 games
Lori Marten, Stevens Point 24 vs Stout 3-2
Casey Huntoon, Stout 23 vs Stevens Point 2-3
Kat Roesler, Stout 22 vs Stevens Point 2-3
4 games
Emily Klein, Gustavus 32 vs Augsburg 3-1
Haley Bower, Augsburg 25 vs Gustavus 1-3
Laura Zwach, St. Benedict 23 vs St. Mary's 3-1
Theresa Perrini, St. Mary's 22 vs St. Benedict 1-3
3 games
Aly McConnell, St. Thomas 22 vs St. Olaf 3-0

5 games
Linda Meyer, Stout 20 vs Stevens Point 2-3
Callie Kunde, Stevens Point 18 vs Stout 3-2
Beth Richter, Stevens Point 16 vs Stout 3-2
4 games
Teri Knapper, St. Benedict 19 vs St. Mary's 3-1
Jennifer Thelemann, Gustavus 19 vs Augsburg 3-1
Andrea Kron, Gustavus 18 vs Augsburg 3-1
Molli Dant, St. Mary's 16 vs St. Benedict 1-3
Emma Jaynes, St. Benedict 15 vs St. Mary's 3-1
Katie LaGrave, Augsburg 15 vs Gustavus 1-3
3 games
Rachelle Dosch, St. Thomas 19 vs St. Olaf 3-0
Sonia Muzikarova, Macalester 17 vs St. Cathernie 3-0
Jodi Dunbar, Eau Claire 15 vs Oshkosh 3-0