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Navy Wins South Central Series

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Team 3 Navy beat both team 1 Scarlet and team 2 Blue to take the South Central All Star Series at Bloomington Jefferson this afternoon.

First off each team played each other two games to 25 and one game to 15 no matter what.

The event started with Blue beating Scarlet 25-20, 25-15, 15-7.
The Blues broke free from a 13 all tie with 11-3 run putting them at the brink at 24-16. It did take the Blues five set points to finish the scarlets in set one. Jessica Clark led the charge for the Blues in set one with six points.
Blue used the win in the first set as a springboard to an 8-3 run to start the second set. However the Scarlets roared back with a 9-4 run to tie the set at 12. Once again the Blues finished strong with a 13-3 run. The Blues were able to get four straight side outs on the Scarlets while knocking out points on their last five serves. Ari Mewhorter had four kills in this set including point 25.
There was no doubt on the next set with the Blues building an 8-2 lead after a six point run on Clark's serve. Maddi Nerenhausen led the way in this set with four kills.

In the second series Navy beat Scarlet, but the reds did get a game off the dark blues 25-22, 22-25, 15-6.
The Scarlets had to play right away again this time against the Navy. This set was fairly tight throughout. The leads never got larger than three points. Navy led 8-5 when Scarlet took their first lead after a five point run 10-8. Navy reclaimed the lead at 17-16 after a four point run. There were three ties after that, the last at 20 all. But the Navy was able to get the last six FBSO, two of which were missed serves. Nikki Meinz had 7.5 points for Navy including the last two points---a side out kill and then an ace to close the set.
Navy led after four 3+ runs to start the second set 14-7, but then the Scarlets rose up. A 8-1 run put them right back in the hunt as the set was tied at 16. Navy inched ahead 22-21. The Scarlets closed out with the last four points. Rebekah Aase had a block, one of four in the set, and then put down a kill before Megan Schroeder ended the set on a kill.
The final 15 point set was the only one that mattered. Navy took control 5-1 after a four point run off Dana Boerboom's serve. The key factor in this set was the FBSO game with Navy getting 5/6, Scarlet's FBSO game was only 2/6. Besides that Navy "earned" 10 points to Scarlets 4 in the final set.

In the final series in what proved to be the championship, it was Navy over Blue 25-19, 25-18, 13-15.
Navy didn't take control of the first set until they had a five point run, four on Libby Augedahl's serve. They wouldn't relinquish the lead after that. Blue cut the margin to 21-19. A dump by Elizabeth Benson got the ball back to Navy and Benson served out with the final point coming on a Blue hitting error.
Navy had a five point run to take them to a 15-7 lead in the second set. Danika Stindtman had four straight kills for Navy. Blue did rush back into the contest with a six point run, five of them off Alyssa Bryngelson's serve. Navy contributed to that run with three hitting errors. Navy had three straight FBSO after that incident, while scoring on two of their last three serves. Augedahl had 7 of the earned Navy points in the set.
The final set went to Blue, but Navy led 10-7. A missed serve put the ball back in Blue's hands. The Blues finished with a 8-3 run. Nerenhausen had three kills in the last segment. The set was tied at 13 when Clark had a kill followed by a kill by Bryngelson.

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Here are the totals over the two sets
key: player, school, position, aces-blocks-kills----totals
SCARLETS (0-2 overall, 1-5 sets, 95-127 points)
Megan Schroder, Rochester Mayo 1-0-10-----11
Rebekah Aase, Austin 2-5-4-----11
Jolene Brody, Austin 0-1-9----10
Josi Holter, Lakeville South 0-0-8-----8
Sarah Osberg, Hastings 0-0-7-----7
Lisa Kranz, Hastings 1-0-1-----2
Danielle Sowada, Holdingford 0-1-0----1
Mariah Baylor, Mpls South 0-0-1-----1
totals: 4-7-40------51 points

BLUE (1-1 overall, 4-2 sets, 117-105 points)
Jessica Clark, Triton 2-4-12-----18
Arriel Mewhorter, Blaine 0-1.5-16-----17.5
Maddi Nerenhausen, Triton 0-0-14-----14
Crissi Schewe, Sleepy Eye St. Mary's 1-0.5-11-----12.5
Alyssa Bryngelson, Triton 2-0-9-----11
Mackenzie Suda, Blaine 1-0-4-----5
Courtney Preiner, Hill-Murray 2-0-0-----2
Nevada Helget, Sleepy Eye St. Mary's 1-0-1----2
totals: 9-6-67----82 points

NAVY (2-0 overall, 4-2 sets, 125-105 points)
Nikki Meinz, Sauk Rapids-Rice 6-0.5-13-----19.5
Libby Augedahl, Caledonia 6-0-10-----16
Danika Stindtman, Blue Earth 0-0-14-----14
Kayla Horbacz, Cambridge-Isanti 3-1.5-5-----9.5
Dana Boerboom, Lakeview 1-2-4-----7
Elizabeth Benson, Cannon Falls 0-0-5----5
Cassie Gran, Caledonia 0-0-4-----4
Kirstee Rotty, Farmington 2-0-0------2
Grace Sanders, Lakeville South 1-0-1-----2
totals: 19-4-56-----79 points

Match 1 (Blue vs Scarlet) Ari Mewhorter
Match 2 (Navy vs Scarlet) Nikki Meinz
Match 3 (Navy vs Blue) Libby Augedahl

team, fbso/fbso attempts; fbso %; points,
Scarlet 28/66---.424; 95
Blue 28/58----.483; 117
Navy 42/63----.667; 125
runs: Blue 16, Navy 16, Scarlet 8
longest string: Blue 6, Scarlet 5, Navy 5
missed serves: Navy 17, Blue 16, Scarlet 13
time outs: not one called all day

Set: 5 10 15 20 25

match 1 (blue vs scarlet)
set 1 B B B B B
set 2 B B B B B
set 3 B B B

match 2 (navy vs scarlet)
set 1 N S S N N
set 2 S N N N S
set 3 N N N

match 3 (navy vs blue)
set 1 B N N N N
set 2 N N N N N
set 3 N N B

Team 1 2 3
scarlet#1 1 1 0
blue#1 7 10 8

scarlet#2 3 3 0
navy#2 3 8 9

blue#3 2 0 2
navy#3 6 9 3

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