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Out & About: Andover/St. Michael-Albertville

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ANDOVER huskies 3,
(25-27, 25-23, 25-22, 20-25, 15-11)

The Minnesota high school season opened with an upset as #4 St. Michael-Albertville fell to unranked Andover on the road 3-2. Both teams made the state tournament last year with Andover finishing second to Shakopee in the AAA finals. It also featured two D1 verbals on STMA, both lefties, and both right side players. Katherine Harms has verballed the Gophers, while setter Catherine Yager will be a Big 10 rival at Michigan. STMA's point generation is the right side. With Andover it is the left side. Cipperly and McNallon combined for 67% of the kills for Andover.

These two evenly matched teams were never far from each other. The biggest lead of the night occurred in game one when STMA had a 7 point lead. Speaking of even, Lauren Cipperly had 22 kills on the night to lead the Huskies, while her #8 counterpart on STMA, Katherine Harms also had 22 kills.

STMA's Harms put the Knights up early with a service run of six points including three aces as Andover struggled early. STMA led 11-6 after Harms was done serving. The biggest STMA lead came after a back row kill by Harms. At that point Harms had six points with 3 kills and 3 aces. Andover regained their passing touch with 11 straight first ball side outs. In so doing they tied the Knights at 22. Andover pulled ahead 24-23 on a tip kill by Nicole Husfeldt. A time out shifted the momentum back to STMA. Another tip kill, this time by Jenna McNallan put the Huskies on the verge at 25-24, but Harms put one down on a back row attack to give the ball back to the Knights. A block and then a kill by Harms ended game one 27-25. Harms had 10 of her 26.5 points in game one.

STMA had a slight advantage early in game two. STMA had the biggest lead in this game at 15-12 after a couple of aces by Maria Berning. Andover went on a 9-4 run to take a 21-19 lead. Five of those points were via STMA errors. Andover led 22-20 when STMA took a time out and regained the advantage. The Knights tied the contest up at 23 all. Andover took their time out and took advantage of a STMA hitting error. Lauren Cipperly ended game two with an ace.

STMA again had the advantage early building leads of 8-5, 14-10. They led as late as 16-13, but by then the Huskies had ramped up their side out game. To start game three Andover sided out at 1/6. They finished game three with a 5/6 side out rate. The key turning point in game three was a 9-1 run by the Huskies on Husfeldt and McNallon's serves. Andover stretched their lead out to 23-18 when a STMA time out stopped the advance. STMA rattled off four straight points to close to 23-22. Once again it was Cipperly that finished the game with two straight kills.

STMA led early 6-2 in game four. Andover surged back to take a 14-11 lead. The Huskies led 18-17 when the game turned to the Knights. They finished game four with a 8-2 run. Harms had six kills in game four.

In the first four games of the night the Knights won the race to 15 in every game. Not this time. STMA won the toss and elected to serve. Catherine Yager served deep and then the next three points went to Andover as the Knights hitting game was too juiced as the balls sailed deep. That 4-0 advantage forced a STMA time out. After the break STMA went on a 5-2 run. Andover stopped the mini-run with a kill by McNallon and an air tight side out game. For game five STMA sided out at 67%.

The interesting fact in this match---when Harms had six or more kills in a game, STMA won; when Cipperly had four or more kills, Andover won.

You can see the entire Andover vs STMA photo gallery at

rotation, name, year, position, aces-blocks-kills----total points
1. Sarah Kurtovich (09) S 0-0-0----0
1fr: Kayla Evans (09) RS 0-0-3----3
2. Lauren Cipperly (09) OH 4-1-22---27
3. Alex Nelson (09) MH 0-0.5-6---6.5
3br: Shannyn Rosendahl (09) L
4. Nicole Husfeldt (10) S 2-1.5-6---9.5
5. Jenna McNallan (10) OH 3-0-15---18
6. Abby Cleveland (11) 0-1-3----4
6br: Shannyn Rosendahl (09) L 1-0-0---1
Totals: 10-3-55--68 points, 42 points on STMA errors

1. Catherine Yager (09) S 0-1-2----3
2. Maria Berning (09) OH 3-1-10---14
3. Samantha Dick (09) server 0-0-0----0
3fr: Carly Rothstein (10) 0-1.5-2---3.5
3fr: Rachel Hackenmueller (11) 0-0-0---0
4. Katherine Harms (09) RS 3-1.5-22---26.5
5. Brittani Wiese (09) OH 3-0-11---14
6. Allie Knutson (09) L 1-0-0----1
6fr: Marie O'Neill (09) MH 0-2-2----4
totals: 10-7-49---66 points, 42 points on Andover errors

Lauren Cipperly. She is the signature player for the Huskies

team, fbso/fbso attempts; fbso %; points, % earned; % allowed
Andover 35/63; .556; 110; .618; .389
St. Michael-Albertville 34/62; .548; 108; .611; .382
Runs 3+: Andover 13, STMA 13
Missed Serves: STMA 14, Andover 10
Time out %: STMA 4/6-.667; Andover 2/6-.333

1. Kurtovich 16-16 .500
2. Cipperly 24-19 .558
3. Nelson 13-24 .351
4. Husfeldt 19-20 .487
5. McNallan 21-12 .636
6. Rosendahl 17-17 .500
totals: 110-108 .505

1. Yager 21-23 .477
2. Berning 18-17 .514
3. Dick 18-18 .500
4. Harms 22-23 .489
5. Wiese 16-14 .533
6. Knutsen 13-15 .464
totals: 108-110 .505

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