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Out & About: Hopkins/Moorhead

#3 posting 8.23.2008
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HOPKINS royals 3, MOORHEAD spuds 2
(23-25, 21-25, 25-21, 25-15, 15-12)

Hopkins rallied from a 2-0 deficit in games and from a three point deficit in the final game to beat Moorhead in a Saturday matinee at Hopkins. Hopkins won section 6AAA last year, while Moorhead was in the state tournament two years ago. As the game wore on today Hopkins got stronger, while the passing game for Moorhead broke down. Emma Henke of Hopkins had double digit kills with 11. Cassie Hooten and Kaitlyn Rogalla had 11 and 10 kills for the Spuds.

In the first game Hopkins grabbed an early 6-2 lead. Moorhead started a five point run with two Hopkins passing errors. They held their first lead at 7-6. The Spuds added two more five point runs (10-1 overall) to push their advantage to 19-11. The Royals were forced to take two time outs to stop the runs. On both occasions Moorhead served deep to end the run. Hopkins regained their balance after that third run to go on a four point run of their own. Hopkins went on an 11-4 run to cut the margin to 23-22 Moorhead. A second time out by Moorhead halted the Hopkins run. Kaitlyn Rogalla got the side out with a kill and then finished off Hopkins in game one with another kill.

Moorhead had the ball first and KayLani Penas started off with three straight points. Hopkins never led in this game, but did tie it at three. But the Royals could not get the first ball side out for the first four Spud servers. Cassie Hooten served up six points in a seven point run. Hooten had a pair of aces in the run, but also had help with Hopkins hitting errors. Just like in game one Hopkins surged at the end. The FBSO that was missing early came back. Hopkins closed with 5/6 FBSO. Moorhead, on the other hand, was having FBSO problems of their own closing with 1/6 FBSO. A tip kill by Penas ended game two. But you could sense a momentum shift.

Moorhead led 6-4 on the strength of a four point run. Hopkins had a 7-1 run to lead 13-9 that forced a Spud time out. In that burst Moorhead had three hitting errors, not counting one Hopkins block. Hopkins stretched their lead out to 20-13 on a six point run. Moorhead had some fight with a four point run to close to 21-18. A Hopkins time out halted that momentum. Moorhead did close to 23-21, but a kill by Christine Gilbert got the side out for Hopkins. Gilbert then served the final ball with Alicia Vossen providing the block.

Like game two Moorhead jumped out to a 3-0 lead, but that is where the similarities ended. On Sarah Younger's serve Hopkins added five points. Erin Ohlemann had three kills in that run. Hopkins had three runs in game four with another seven point run later as the Royals expanded their lead to 19-7. Three of those points were due to Spud errors; two were aces by Emma Henke. Moorhead was able to side out the last three times, but the damage was done and a kill by Ellen Gallagher tied the match at two games apiece.

Hopkins won the toss and got the serve. Neither team had any traction until Moorhead had a four point run to go up 8-5. A time out at 7 didn't stop the run for Hopkins. The Royals tied the game at nine on a three point run with two courtesy of two Spud hitting errors. The problem, as it had been all match, was the FBSO for the Spuds. They could not get the FBSO for the last four servers. Hopkins did get the FBSO the last four Moorhead servers and that was the difference. Ohlemann had two of the last four FBSOs for Hopkins. The match ended with a tip by Vossen.

You can see the entire Hopkins vs Moorhead photo gallery at You can also purchase photos from this event and any other game.

rotation, player, (year) position, aces-blocks-kills---totals
1. Sarah Younger (2009) S 6-0-0---6
2. Erin Ohlemann (2011) OH 1-0-8---9
3. Ellen Gallagher (2009) MB 4-0-6---10
3br: Emily Gunsch (2009) L
4. Emma Henke (2010) RS 2-2-11---15
4br: Rebekah Cornish (2009) DS 0-0-0----0
5. Jill Greenfield (2011) OH 1-0.5-3---4.5
5br: Christine Gilbert (2009) DS 2-0-1---3
6. Alicia Vossen (2010) MB 0-2.5-8--10.5
6br: Emily Gunsch (2009) L
totals: 16-5-37---58 points, 50 on Moorhead errors

1. KayLani Penas (2010) S 2-0-3----5
2. Anna Peterson (2010) OH 1-0-4---5
3. Alison Bruggeman (2010) MH 2-1.5-9--12.5
3br: Michelle Olek (2009) L
4. Kassandra Hooten (2009) RS 2-0-11---13
4br: Taylor Baldwin (2011) S 0-0-0----0
5. Cory Gilbertson (2011) OH 3-1-2---6
6. Kaitlyn Rogalla (2009) MH 1-3.5-10--14.5
totals: 11-6-38---55 points, 43 on Hopkins errors

Sarah Younger
, Her service game kept the Spuds off balance

team, fbso/fbso attempts; fbso %; points, % earned; % allowed
Hopkins 21/46-.457; 108, .537; .439
Moorhead 18/48-.375; 98, .561; .463
Runs 3+: Hopkins 15, Moorhead 10
Longest run: Hopkins 7, Moorhead 7
Missed Serves: Hopkins 10, Moorhead 9
Time Out %: Hopkins 3/6-.500; Moorhead 6/9-.667

1. Henke 31-16 .660
2. Ohlemann 16-20 .444
3. Gallagher 24-20 .545
4. Henke/Cornish 16-14 .533
5. Greenfield/Gilbert 12-11 .522
6. Vossen 9-17 .346
totals: 108-98 --.524

1. Penas 22-28 .440
2. Peterson 16-16 .500
3. Bruggeman 18-26 .409
4. Hooten 20-18 .526
5. Gilbertson 11-13 .458
6. Rogalla 11-7 .611
totals: 98-108---.476

Game: 5 10 15 20 25
game 1 H H M M M
game 2 M M M M M
game 3 M H H H H
game 4 H H H H H
game 5 H M H

Team: 1 2 3 4 5
Hopkins 4 0 7 12 3
Moorhead 8 9 2 3 3
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