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Out & About: Burnsville/Holy Angels

#3 posting 8.28.2008
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(25-22, 25-27, 25-10, 25-17)

The Burnsville Blaze used their net play and serving game to beat the host Holy Angels Stars 3-1. Burnsville had 15 aces on the night and seven blocks. Tori Dixon provided 23 points including 19 kills in the Blaze win.

This was an early start game to avoid conflict with the Holy Angels football game. Luckily I went to two different web sites, and figured out there was going to be a time issue.

FBSO was a big part in the Burnsville win. Holy Angels struggled to get a FBSO in game one. They were only able to stop the Blaze twice. The first Burnsville run came on two aces by Abby Olson. The next Blaze surge came on a four point run, two of which came on two blocks by Molly Duehn. That put the score at 13-6 Burnsville and forced a HA time out. Another 8-2 run for Burnsville put the Blaze on the brink at 24-12. Dixon had three kills in the run. A missed serve gave the ball back to HA and Madeline Haben made good use of it. She served up nine more points forcing Burnsville to take a time out at 24-17. The Stars shined for five more points. Amanda King had three kills in the resurrection. On the 11th game point HA had a hitting error and Burnsville survived game one.

Holy Angels used the momentum at the end of game one with an early four point run as HA earned all the points with Catherine Hanson delivering two kills. Neither side had stellar side out games in this game---only 33%. Burnsville tied the game at five, and 12, but never got the lead. Each time the Blaze tied it up, the Stars added three more points. The Blaze tied it up again at 18. But again the Stars responded with two points. A key overrule on a serve by Dixon (it was ruled in and then out) gave the ball back to the Stars. After leading 20-18, the Stars missed on a serve with a foot fault. That opened the door for the Blaze and they took advantage of it. They added three more points and led 22-20. HA took two time outs in the run, the second time out stopped the Blaze with Catherine Hanson getting the key side out. The Blaze again were on the verge at 24-21, but they could not get the game point on the next three serves and all of a sudden the Stars fought back. Another missed serve was the break point. Michelle Daddario had two straight kills to put HA back up 25-24. They didn't get the next point, but closed out the second game with a net violation and another Daddario kill. Daddario had seven kills in the second game.

The FBSO problems that bothered the Blaze in game two disappeared in game three. The Blaze had an 8/9 advantage and HA was never really competitive. It started with a run of seven helped by four straight HA hitting errors. HA took a time out to stop the hitting errors, but the Blaze added two more to the total. Another 10-1 Blaze run all put finished off the Stars. Duehn had four points with three kills in the mix as the Blaze stretched the lead to 21-6. The Blaze made some substitutions and both teams traded side outs. Dixon ended game three with two side out kills.

Burnsville put Holy Angels in a 9-2 hole early in game four. Steph McCullum had two aces, and then another stretch of HA hitting errors kept the Stars off their game. The rebounded with a 6-1 run with two points delivered on tip kills by Hanson. But the HA side out game, and the Blaze FBSO game for that matter, was not air tight. The Blaze responded after HA cut the margin to 10-8 with a seven point run. Laura Beckman had two aces in the run as the Blaze enjoyed a 17-8 lead. Dixon scored three of the last four Blaze points, all on kills, but the final point came on Casi Gries only kill of the game.

You can see the entire Burnsville vs Holy Angels photo gallery at

rotation, player, (year) position, aces-blocks-kills---totals
Burnsville is a little unorthodox with players filling in slots at the net two of the three times they are in the front row. Dixon played in each rotation, and the Blaze used her in the back row often.
1. Alli Butler (2012) OH 2-0-2----4 left twice
1br: Lauren Butler (2009) RH 0-0-0---0
2. Steph McCullum (2009) L 3-0-0---3
2fr: Molly Duehn (2010) MH 0-4-6---10 middle twice, right once
3. Abby Olson (2010) S 2-0-0---2 right once
3fr: Alyssa Michaels (2011) OH 0-0-1---1 left once
4. Tori Dixon (2010) MH 2-2-19----23 middle twice, left once
5. Laura Beckman (2011) OH 5-0-8---13 left twice, middle once
6. #13 (???) RH 1-1-4---6 more right
6g3fr: Casi Gries (2009) OH 0-0-1----1
totals: 15-7-41---63 points, 37 points on Holy Angels errors

1. Amanda King (2011) RS 2-0-7----9
2. Michelle Daddario (2009) OH 1-0-12----13
2g3&4: Emily Ness (2011) OH 0-0-1---1
3. Heidi Anderson (2009) server 2-0-0---2
3fr: Samantha Wright (2010) MH 0-0-5---5
3br: Stephanie Drake (2009) L
4. Madeline Haben (2009) S 1-0-2---3
5. Cahterine Hanson (2009) OH 0-0-13---13
6. Stephanie Drake (2009) L 0-0-0----0
6fr: Mikayla Erickson (2009) MH 0-0-1---1
6fr: Sam Woods (2010) MH 0-0-1---1
totals: 6-0-42----48 points, 28 points on Burnsville errors

Tori Dixon

team, fbso/fbso attempts; fbso %; points, % earned; % allowed
Burnsville 21/41-.512; 100, .630; .368
Holy Angels 13/40-.325; .632; .370
Runs 3+: Burnsville 13, Holy Angels 8
Longest run: Holy Angles 10, Burnsville 7
Missed Serves: Holy Angels 8, Burnsville 6
Time Out %: Burnsville 1/3--.333; Holy Angels 2/7--.286


1. Butler 13-13 .500
2. McCullum 20-14 .588
3. Olson 19-15 .558
4. Dixon 16-18 .471
5. Beckman 18-6 .750
6. #13 14-10 .583
totals: 100-76 .568

1. King 14-20 .412
2. Daddario/Ness 14-19 .424
3. Anderson 13-18 .419
4. Haben 17-19 .472
5. Hanson 6-14 .300
6. Drake 12-10 .545
totals: 76-100 .432

The Burnsville front line in rotation five: Butler OH, Duehn MH, #13 RH

Game: 5 10 15 20 25
game 1: B B B B B
game 2: H H H H H
game 3: B B B B B
game 4: B B B B B

Team: 1 2 3 4
Burnsville 12 3 15 9
Holy Angels 1 3 1 0

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