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Weekly Review #1:

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WEEKLY REVIEW #1 Fall 2008
This is a new feature this year. I have been doing a weekly review for on and thought I would try my hand at it in during the volleyball season.

The theme of the week was State tournament entrants from a year ago. Three games, and I saw four section champs. Another theme was fivers. Both the Andover/STMA and Hopkins/Moorhead game went the distance.

Photo Lighting: Shakopee gets good grades on their lights. Hopkins was helped by having their game in the afternoon and therefore being helped by the sunlight. Andover was not the best.

Shakopee. The defending state champs won their opener against a top flight #3 Eastview team. The Sabers had a FBSO % of .618, the best of the week, and only had 20 point errors or on average 5 points a game, by far the lowest of the six teams I watched. The next lowest was Andover and STMA with 8.4 ppg allowed. Shakopee only missed two serves against the Lightning.

Ashley Wittman of Shakopee. She had 26 points in four games, and average of 6.5 ppg. Wittman had 22 kills against Eastview and led the Sabers when they got off to a slow start in game one with four kills in the 8-2 comeback run. Wittman finished the match with a kill.

Team of the week
OH Ashley Wittman, Shakopee 26 points, 6.5 ppg
OH Lauren Cipperly, Andover 26 points 5.4 ppg
MH Lauren Grant, Eastview 19 points, 4.75 ppg
MH Kaitlyn Rogalla, Moorhead 14.5 points, 2.9 ppg
RS Katherine Harms, St. Michael-Albertville, 26.5, 5.3 ppg
S Sarah Younger, Hopkins 6, 1.2 ppg
L Mollie Geske, Shakopee

Here are a few numbers to chew on. I have examined all D1 teams and have come up with 69 players that are on D1 rosters this year.
Here is a description of some of the categories
% 90+ games---how many players played 90+games/number of players
Ave points---point scored (aces, blocks, kills) minus points given up (hitting errors, missed serves, receiving errors, blocking errors and ball handling errors)

First off a look by positions
Position, Ave Height, # of players, % 90+games; ave points
DS/Libero 5-7, 7, 71.4; -0.26
MB 6-1, 16, 43.8, 1.54
OH 5-11, 12, 83.3, 1.45
RS 6-0, 7, 57.1, 1.13
S 5-9.5, 10, 70.0, 0.09

Now how the classes match up:
Position, # of players, % 90+games; ave points
2009 18, 72.2, 1.09
2010 15 73.3, 1.06
2011 19 42.1, 0.60
2012 17

The Lake Conference has produced 19 D1 players 27.5% of the total.
Bloomington Kennedy has produced 4 D1 players, the most of any Minnesota High School.
By HS Classification
6 10 53---69 total
AAA has 76.8% of the total D1 players.

These are the top point getters over 2.0 (see above for explanations)
1. Brittney Bisaillon, Weber State (Jackson County Central) 2.52 2009
2. Brook Dieter, Minnesota (Bloomington Kennedy) 2.50 2011
3. Amy Sampson, Northern Iowa (Champlin Park) 2.30 2009
4. Tessa Nelson, Colorado State (TMB) 2.16 2010
5. Jennifer Sheedy, Portland (Totino-Grace) 2.15 2009
6. Lauren Gibbemeyer, Minnesota (Cretin-Derham Hall) 2.13 2011
7. Allie Oelke, Creighton (Chaska) 2.08 2011

Now with the D2 look. First off this is based entirely on the Northern Sun teams except for Augustana whose website is not up.
First by position
Position, Ave Height, # of players, % 90+games; ave points
DS/Libero 5-6, 15, 66.7, -0.33
MB 5-11, 18, 44.4, 1.97
OH, 5-10, 16, 37.5, 1.06
RS, 5-10.5, 4, 25.0, 1.39
S, 5-8.63, 8, 50.0, 0.18
DS/Liberos and OHs have better ppg in D1. The difference in height from D1 to D2 (at least in the Minnesota population base) is about an inch. MH the difference is two inches.

As for graduating class:
Position, # of players, % 90+games; ave points
2009, 13, 69.2, 0.84
2010, 19, 52.6, 0.64
2011, 29, 34.5, 1.02
If you notice the numbers go up for 2011. That is because Emily Palkert, Amanda Beekman and Laci Murtha all had 2.08 differentials last year.

The Lake again has produced the most rostered in D2 too with 13.
Wayzata is the school with the most D2 players with 4.
By HS Classification
18 31 52---101 total
AAA Schools still produce the most D2 players, but their % drops to only 51.5%.

Here are the top returners for D2
Emily Palkert, Concordia St. Paul, SW Christian Chaska 2.98
Sarah Wyffels, UM Duluth, Marshall 2.84
Maria Steinhagen, Concordia St. Paul, Alexandria 2.82
Amanda Beekman, MSU Mankato, Marshall 2.75
Leah Ashburn, SW MN State, Buffalo Lake-Hector 2.60
Kelsey Aden, Northern State, St. James 2.27
Nicole Olson, Bemidji State, Lake of the Woods 2.14
Laci Murtha, Mary, Hutchinson 2.08

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