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Out & About: Osseo/Totino-Grace

#4 posting 8.26.2008
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OSSEO orioles 3, TOTINO-GRACE eagles 0
(25-18, 25-10, 28-26)

In a match up between two of last year's 5AAA semifinalists, Osseo spoiled the home debut of new Totino-Grace coach Leah Welch 3-0. The Orioles used their serving game with 15 aces on the night to help chalk up the victory. Two Rachels Pekarek and Wiinanen each had five aces on the night. Pekarek and Karen Hiltunen each had 8 kills to lead the Orioles in that department. Lisa Beacher had 10 kills for TG.

The Orioles's service game broke open early in the first game with Rachel Pekarek serving up six straight points with four aces. That early burst forced the Eagles to call a time out at 8-2. Pekarek dropped another ace after the break. TG had a mini run of their own with four straight started with two kills by Beacher. However TG failed to get the FBSO on the next two Osseo servers and that opened the door for a 8-1 run. Rachel Wiinanen served up four (with two aces). The Eagles took a time out to stop the run at 21-10. After that time out TG did get three straight FBSO against Osseo, and did squeeze points off three of their four servers, but the hole was too big. Hiltunen ended game one with a kill. Pekarek had 6 points in game one.

Osseo closed the door in the second game with five straight FBSO and 8/9 for the game. On the other hand Osseo was able to break free again after not scoring on their first three serves. Amanda Hoefling, Hiltunen and Wiinanen provided 4, 4, and 5 straight when they served, Wiinanen providing two more aces. When the dust had settled Osseo had a 20-7 lead. Hiltunen provided five points in game two.

It appeared it was going to be more of the same in game three with Osseo racing off with a 7-0 lead. Pekarek had three kills in the fast start. Eventually the Orioles stretched that lead out to 18-9 when TG turned the momentum around. It started off with three straight points by Beacher, one on a side out kill followed by two aces. The Osseo side out game that was solid in game two had holes late in game three. TG had a 15-5 run and found themselves up 24-23 for their first lead in game three. Of the 15 TG points seven were via Osseo passing/hitting errors. TG had a hitting error, but Beacher put down a kill to give the Eagles another crack at 25-24. This time it was a service error that foiled the Eagles victory plans. Wiinanen then gave the Orioles the advantage with her fifth ace of the night. Beacher answered with a kill to tie it at 26. Two TG errors ended the night, the last coming on a foot fault.

You can see the entire Osseo vs Totino-Grace photo gallery at kevinanderson.photostockplus.com

rotation, player, (year) position, aces-blocks-kills---totals
1. Rachel Wiinanen, (2009) MH 5-0-5---10
2. Lauren Everett (2009) S 1-0-0---1
2fr: Katie Meidtke (2009) RH 0-1-0---1
2fr: Jessica Fife (2009) RH 0-0.5-1---1.5
3. Rachel Pekarek (2009) OH 5-0-8---13
4. Lindsey Sathre (2009) MH 0-1.5-5---6.5
4br: Kyle Everett (2010) L 0-0-1----1
5. Amanda Hoefling (2009) S 0-0-1---1
6. Karen Hiltunen (2010) OH 4-0-8---12
totals: 15-3-29----47 points, 31 points on TG errors

In the first two games Melissa Neeb led off the TG servers. In game three Alexis Ascher led off.
1. Melissa Neeb (2009) S 0-0-0---0
1fr: Jenna Johnson (2010) RS 0-0-0----0
1fr: Rachel Lukasik (2010) RS 0-0-0---0
2. Lisa Beacher (2009) OH 2-0-10----12
3. Lizzi Naumann (2009) MB 0-2-4----6
4. Alexis Ascher (2010) S 0-0-1----1
4fr: Simone Harney (2010) RS 0-1.5-1---2.5
4fr: Cassie Higgins (2010) S 0-0-0---0
5. Ashley Dahly (2012) OH 1-0-3----4
6. Mary Sweet (2009) DS 1-0-0---1
6fr: Karissa Peterson (2010) MB 1-0.5-1---2.5
6br: Katie Meissner (2010) DS 0-0-0---0
totals: 5-4-20----29 points, 25 points on Osseo errors

Rachel Pekarek

team, fbso/fbso attempts; fbso %; points, % earned; % allowed
Osseo 21/33--.636; 78, .603; .463
Totino-Grace 13/33-.394, 54, .537; .397
Runs 3+: Osseo 9, TG 6
Longest run: Osseo 7, TG 6
Missed Serves: Osseo 7, TG 6
Time Out %: TG 1/3---.333; Osseo never took a time out


1. Wiinanen 17-6 .739
2. Everett 17-11 .607
3. R. Pekarek 16-13 .552
4. Sathre 7-5 .583
5. Hoefling 10-12 .455
6. Hiltunen 11-8 .579
totals: 78-55 .586

1. Neeb/Ascher 7-18 .280
2. Beacher 11-16 .407
3. Naumann 12-8 .600
4. Ascher/Higgins 5-10 .333
5. Dahly 11-12 .478
6. Sweet/Meissner 9-14 .391
totals: 56-78--.413

Game: 5 10 15 20 25
game 1 O O O O O
game 2: O O O O O
game 3: O O O O TG

Team: 1 2 3
Osseo 11 15 9
TG 1 1 1

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