Sunday, October 26, 2008

NDSU Wins 11th Straight

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ACC: Florida State swept Virginia with a margin of 7 points. Marlow Bruneau (Lakeville) had 12 assists and 2.5 points for Virginia.

BIG EAST: Louisville swept Marquette with a margin of 27 points. Tiara Russell (Osseo) and Leslie Bielski (Chaska) had 4.5 and 3 points respectively.

BIG SKY: Eastern Washington beat Weber State in four. The Jackson County Central duo of Brittney Bisaillon and Leah Burmeister had 15.5 and 7 points respectively for WS.

MID AMERICAN: Western Michigan beat Ohio in five with a margin of 5 points. Amanda Andersen (Centennial) had 10 points for Ohio.

MISSOURI VALLEY: Creighton beat Missouri State in five with a margin of 15 points. Jessica Houts (Bloomington Kennedy) led Creighton with 19.5 points. Allie Oelke (Chaska) added 16 points for Creighton
Northern Iowa beat Illinois State in five with a margin of 5 points. Amy Sampson (Champlin Park) had 18.5 points for UNI.

SUMMIT: North Dakota State swept South Dakota State with a margin of 20 points. It was NDSU's 11th straight win. Chrissy Knuth (Champlin Park) had 14 points for NDSU. Mackenzie Angner (Cincinnati St. Ursula) had 20 points for SDSU.

SOUTHERN: Davidson beat Furman in four. The margin was zero points. Pamela Gehrke (Eastview) had 7 digs for Furman.

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