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Playoff Out & About: 6AAA Wayzata/Hopkins

#3 posting 10.30.2008
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WAYZATA trojans 3, HOPKINS royals 1
(25-18, 23-25, 25-16, 25-23)

#1 seed Wayzata punched their ticket to the state AAA Tournament with a 3-1 win over Hopkins. The Trojans keep their recent string of tournament berths in even years as both teams have traded spots in the state tournament the last four seasons. This was the third time this season Wayzata beat their Classic Lake Rivals. Last year Hopkins went to the show with the exact same 3-1 win in the championship. It was touch and go at the end of the match. Wayzata scored on their seventh match point. Tia Gaffen had 23 points on the night to lead the Trojans.

Both these team know each other well. Points were not flowing freely as they anticipated each other's moves. Hopkins had the advantage early in this set as they used two runs to build an 11-7 lead. Then the set broke open with an 11-1 Wayzata run. Of the 11 points, six came on Hopkins errors. The Royals took their first time out at 15-12 after an overpass kill by Gaffen. Gaffen had three kills in that run. In the meantime Wayzata had their first ball side out game ramped up. The Trojans finished with seven straight FBSO and were 11/13 for the first set. Gaffen had kills points in the first set.

Hopkins led at the early stages in set two with two three point runs to lead 9-3. Once again the Wayzata FBSO game went into overdrive with seven straight. With the Trojans slamming the door on defense, they chipped away on offense. Wayzata took their first lead at 17-16 and pushed it out to 20-17. Hopkins took a time out at 19-17. The Royals didn't crack. Alicia Vossen finished strong with five points in a 8-3 Hopkins closing run. Vossen had 7 points in the second set. The set ended on a Wayzata hitting error. Here is the big difference in this set----Hopkins had 20 earned points to Wayzata's 11.

Hopkins adrenaline was flowing a bit too much to start the third set. Of the first 10 Wayzata points six came on Hopkins errors. The Trojans kept building their lead out to 17-12 when Hopkins took their first time out. A quick three point burst by Hopkins cut the margin to 17-15. Wayzata left no doubt at the end of set three with a 8-1 run. Wayzata had 14 earned points to Hopkins' 10.

It looked like Wayzata was going to stampede to the fourth set win as they had three runs in the first four serves to lead 13-4. Hopkins took their second time out at that point and it stopped the bleeding. In fact Wayzata started to bleed with a five point run. All five points came on Wayzata errors. Hopkins managed to cut the margin to 14-11. Gaffen then had four of the next seven Trojan points and it looked like Wayzata was on their way at 21-13. Not so fast. Hopkins again rose up with four straight points to cut the lead to 21-17. After a net side out Wayzata tacked on two more to lead 24-17. A kill by Erin Ohlemann put the ball back in the Royals' hands. The Trojans couldn't get the side out for the next three points which forced Wayzata's second time out at 24-21. On match point five and six Hopkins added to their totals with a kill by Ohlemann and an ace by Vossen. The match ended on a Hopkins hit that went out and the Trojans picked up their even year State tournament ticket.

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rotation, player, position, aces-blocks-kills--totals
1. Kelsey Durocher, 2010, L 1-0-0-----1
1fr: Toni Okuyemi, 2012, MH 0-0.5-10----10.5
2. Julia Doyle, 2012, S 0-0.5-2----2.5
3. Olivia Fiergola, 2010, OH 1-0-10-----11
3br. Jackie Smith, 2009, DS 0-0-0----0
4. Tia Gaffen, 2009, MH 1-2-20----23
4br: Kelsey Durocher, 2010, L
5. Allison Lutz, 2009, S 2-0-2-----4
6. Kelsey Simmons, 2010, DS 0-0-0-----0
6fr: Jessica Kegel, 2011, OH 0-0-6----6
totals: 5-3-50-----58 points, 40 points on Hopkins errors

1. Emily Gunsch, 2009, L 1-0-0---1
1fr: Ellen Gallagher, 2009, MH 0-1-3----4
2. Emma Henke, 2010, S 1-0-4----5
2. Christine Gilbert, 2009, DS 0-0-0----0
3. Jill Greenfield, 2011, OH 1-0-12----13
4. Alicia Vossen, 2010, MH 1-4-8-----13
5. Sarah Younger, 2009, S 0-1-5----6
6. Erin Ohlemann, 2011, OH 0-0-9----9
totals: 4-6-41-----51 points, 31 points on Wayzata errors

Tia Gaffen
, Dominated in set 4

team, fbso/fbso attempts; fbso %; points, % earned; % allowed
Wayzata 33/50-.660; .592; .378
Hopkins 22/49-.449; .622; .408
Runs 3+: Wayzata 12, Hopkins 8
Longest string: Wayzata 6, Hopkins 6
Missed Serves: Wayzata 9, Hopkins 6
Time Out %: Hopkins 3/7-.429; Wayzata 0/3-.000


1. Durocher 17-9 .607
2. Doyle 21-14 .600
3. Fiergola 17-17 .500
4. Gaffen 15-18 .455
5. Lutz 17-14 .548
6. Simmons 11-10 .523
totals: 98-82 .544

1. Gunsch 10-22 .313
2. Henke 14-17 .452
3. Greenfield 17-16 .515
4. Vossen 16-18 .471
5. Younger 13-12 .520
6. Ohlemann 12-13 .480
totals: 82-98 .455

Set: 5 10 15 20 25
set 1 H H W W W
set 2 H H H W H
set 3 W W W W W
set 4 W W W W W

Team 1 2 3
Wayzata 7 3 9 9
Hopkins 4 4 1 0

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