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Out & About: 3AAA Eastview/Burnsville

#4 posting 10.28.2008
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EASTVIEW lightning 3, BURNSVILLE blaze 0
(25-19, 25-23, 25-11)

#1 seed Eastview rallied from a 22-19 deficit in set two and used that momentum to douse #5 Burnsville in a sweep. The Lightning's 14-6 finish in the second set carried over to the final frame. Eastview's first ball side out % was .676. Earlier in the year Eastview beat Burnsville in four. Just as in the first contest this game featured a dominating hitter vs balance. Tori Dixon had 18 points on the night for Burnsville with 13 kills. The next highest kill total for Burnsville was 4. Eastview had five players with five or more kills, with three in double digits.

Eastview broke open the first set when Tori Dixon moved to the back row. It was 7 all when Lightning struck for six straight points. Steph Kent and Ashley Murtha each had three points in the run. Burnsville took their first time out during the Lightning strike. Eastview pushed their lead out to 18-9 to finish an 11-2 run. The Blaze took their final time out then. By that time Dixon was back in the front row and Burnsville took advantage of that with a 6-3 run. Dixon had 4 points in the burst. Six straight side outs kept the set tilted for Eastview. The Lightning did have rotation problems when Stacy Kuhlmann served out of order. A Lightning time out at 24-19 had the intended effect with a side out kill by Kelsey Schile.

Burnsville's best chance to take a set came in two. The Blaze jumped to a 7-2 lead on a six point run on Lauren Butler's serve. She had two aces in the run and Dixon added two kills. Eastview narrowed the gap to 8-7 with a run of four. Burnsville didn't relinquish the lead however. The Blaze kept adding to their margin with two more runs out to 17-11. After that Eastview shut the door with six straight FBSO. Burnsville still had a 22-19 lead after a quick kill by Molly Duehn. A missed serve returned the ball to Eastview. The Lighting wouldn't part with the ball for another four points. By that time Eastview led 24-22. Grant had three straight kills sandwiched around Burnsville's second time out. A Lauren Butler kill gave new hope to the Blaze as Dixon returned to the front row. All she could do was watch as the next Burnsville serve sailed into the net for the final point of the set.

That loss seemed to dampen the Blaze's fire in set three. It was 8-6 Eastview when the roof caved in. Again with Dixon on the bench Eastview ran rampant. On Kaiti Wachter's serve Eastview added seven more in addition to the side out for a 16-6 lead. Murtha had four points in that burst. The final run of six by Eastview to make it 24-10 came on Grant's serve. In addition to her net play Grant served up three straight aces out to 24. A passing error put the ball back to Burnsville, but the hole was too deep. Karlee Lursen finished the night with her 13th kill.

Eastview will now face Lakeville South in the finals on Saturday night at South St. Paul.

you can see the entire Eastview vs Burnsville photo gallery at kevinanderson.photostockplus.com

rotation, player, position, aces-blocks-kills--totals
1. Anna Olson, 2009, S 0-0-1----1
2. Kayla Joyce, 2009, DS 3-0-0----3
2fr: Ashley Murtha, 2011, OH 0-1.5-9----10.5
3. Lauren Grant, 2010, MH 3-3.5-11---17.5
3br: Kaiti Wachter, 2009, L
4. Stacy Kuhlmann, 2009, DS 2-0-0----2
4fr: Kelsey Schile, 2011, RH 0-0.5-6---6.5
5. Karlee Lursen, 2009, OH 1-0.5-13----14.5
6. Kaiti Wachter, 2009, L 1-0-0-----1
6fr: Steph Kent, 2009, MH 0-1-5----6
totals: 10-7-35----52 points; 23 points on Burnsville errors

1. Camille Benson, 2012, L 0-0-0----0
1fr: Molly Duehn, 2010, MH 0-1-1----2
2. Ali Butler, 2012, S 0-0-4----4
3. Lauren Butler, 2009, OH 2-1-4----7
4. Tori Dixon, 2010, MH 0-5-13-----18
5. Abby Olson, 2010, S 0-0-1-----1
6. Laura Beckmann, 2011, OH 0-0-3----3
6br: Megan Scholl, 2011, DS 0-0-0----0
totals: 2-7-26-----35 points, 18 points on Eastview errors

Lauren Grant

team, fbso/fbso attempts; fbso %; points, % earned; % allowed
Eastview 23/34-..676; 75; .693; .340
Burnsville 13/32-.406; 53; .660; .307
Runs 3+: Eastview 8, Burnsville 5
Longest string: Eastview 8, Burnsville 6
Missed Serves: Eastview 3, Burnsville 3
Time Out %: Eastview 1/2-.500; Burnsville 2/6-.333


1. Olson 11-9 .550
2. Joyce 10-14 .417
3. Grant 12-8 .600
4. Kuhlmann 12-7 .632
5. Lursen 8-7 .533
6. Wachter 22-8 .733
totals: 75-53

1. Benson 13-13 .500
2. A Butler 9-12 .429
3. L Butler 12-8 .600
4. Dixon 6-12 .333
5. Olson 6-18 .250
6. Beckmann 7-12 .368
totals: 53-75
With Dixon in the front row Burnsville was 34-33-- .507; with Dixon in the back row 19-42-- .312

Set: 5 10 15 20 25
set 1 E E E E E
set 2 B B B B E
set 3 E E E E E

Team 1 2 3
Eastview 9 2 14
Burnsville 1 6 2

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