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Playoff Out & About: 5AAA Osseo/Centennial

#5 posting 10.29.2008
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OSSEO orioles 3, CENTENNIAL cougars 1
(26-28, 28-26, 25-15, 25-14)

#2 seed Osseo survived two set points in set two and rode that momentum to beat #3 seed Centennial in the next sets. Centennial's "earned" points dropped from 19.5 in the first two sets to 7 in the next two as Osseo's defense tightened up at the net. Osseo had 52 earned points, while getting 52 points on Centennial errors. In fact the Cougars had 53 earned points, one more that the Orioles. Osseo however had fewer errors on the night.

The night can be divided into two portions---back and forth, and going away. Centennial had five runs in the first set including the first two. Both times it was only a three point run and Osseo never trailed by more than three. Osseo had a run of four to retake the lead at 17-15 which forced the first Centennial time out. After the break the Cougars ran off three straight to take an 18-17 lead. All three points came from Micah Sater kills. Karen Hiltunen ended that with a side out kill and then started serving. The Orioles added three more points for a 21-18 lead. The last two points came on Osseo blocks. Centennial had their 4th run to tie it up at 22. That forced an Osseo time out. After that the game moved to a side out game with 8 straight side outs. Osseo had two set points in the sequence, but Leigh Pudwill got point 24 for Centennial and Sater had point 25 to tie. The Cougars had their fifth run of the first set to close out the win. Pudwill had the kill to get the 27-26 advantage and then an Osseo hitting error ended the first set.

Set two was similiar but reversed. Osseo had the early advantage. A four point run gave the Orioles a 10-5 lead. Centennial answered right away with their own four point run. Two serves later Centennial had another four point run to take a 14-12 lead. An Osseo time out ended that and started an Oriole three point run. Two straight Centennial hitting errors were part of the equation. Six side outs later Osseo still led 18-17. Centennial moved forward on their third and final run of the set. Osseo returned the favor with three straight of their own to retake the lead 21-20. Centennial edged out ahead 23-22 when Osseo took a time out. Two Centennial errors later Osseo led 24-23 forcing the Cougars second time out. A deep serve and then a block put Centennial on the cusp of a two set margin, but Rachel Pekarek got the key side out. Centennial's Krista Stoltz got a side out kill to give Centennial their second match point. A deep hitting error on a slide turned the ball over to Osseo. Hiltunen slammed home an overpass kill and then Sathre served up an ace to ice the second set.

That loss took a lot of steam out of the Cougars. The next set Centennial only had four earned points. In fact in the first 10 Osseo points only 3 were earned. In the first 7 Centennial points zero were earned. Osseo cleaned up their mistakes the rest of the set allowing only four more. Meanwhile Centennial gave away 7 more points. Sathre had four points in the third set.

Centennial had one last gasp as they led 7-3 in the fourth set. That forced an Oriole time out and the Orange and Black outscored Centennial the rest of the night 22-7. The key service came on Amanda Hoefling's serve as Osseo had an 8 point run to lead 16-9. Centennial had five errors in that sequence. Centennial narrowed the gap to 16-12 after three straight kills, two by Sater. But missed serves torpedoed any momentum that was building. Rachel Wiinanen didn't give the ball back until Osseo added six more points. Osseo led 24-13 when a missed serve gave it back to Centennial. Sathre ended the night with a kill, her 11th on the night.

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rotation, player, position, aces-blocks-kills--totals
1. Rachel Wiinanen, 2009, MH 3-1-3----7
1br: Kyle Everett, 2011, L
2. Lauren Everett, 2009, S 0-0-0----0
2fr: Sarah Pekarek, 2011, RH 0-3-6----9
3. Rachel Pekarek, 2009, OH 0-1-8----9
4. Lindsey Sathre, 2009, MH 3-1-11---15
4br: Kyle Everett, 2011, L
5. Amanda Hoefling, 2009, S 1-0-0----1
6. Karen Hiltunen, 2010, OH 0-1-10----11
totals: 7-7-38----52 points; 52 points on Centennial errors

1. Allison Atkins, 2009, L 2-0-0-----2
1fr: Amanda McAulay, 2010, MH 0-0-7----7
2. Hannah Glocke, 2011, S 2-0-0-----2
2fr: Abby Mohr, 2010, RH 0-0-3----3
3. Leigh Pudwill, 2012, OH 0-0.5-17-----17.5
4. Megan Waytashek, 2010, MH 2-2-4----8
4br: Allison Atkins, 2009, L
5. Krista Stoltz, 2010, S 1-0.5-1----2.5
6. Micah Sater, 2009, OH 0-0-11-----11
6br: Kaila Solberg, 2009, DS 0-0-0---0
6serve: Nicole Thul, 2010, serve 0-0-0----0
totals: 7-3-43----53 points, 30 points on Osseo errors

Lindsey Sathre
. Ace finished key second set. consistent throughout

team, fbso/fbso attempts; fbso %; points, % earned; % allowed
Osseo 29/49 -.592; 104; .500; .361
Centennial 23/48-.479; 83; .639; .500
Runs 3+: Osseo 12, Centennial 12
Longest string: Osseo 8, Centennial 4
Missed Serves: Centennial 16, Osseo 12
Time Out %: Osseo 4/5-.800; Centennial 3/7-.429


1. Wiinanen 21-21 .500
2. L Everett 16-14 .533
3. R Pekarek 19-12 .612
4. Sathre 13-11 .542
5. Hoefling 23-19 .548
6. Hiltunen 12-6 .667
totals: 104-83 .556

1. Atkins 22-17 .564
2. Glocke 14-19 .424
3. Pudwill 11-14 .440
4. Waytashek 10-25 .286
5. Stoltz 18-12 .600
6. Sater/Thul 8-17 .320
totals: 83-104

Set: 5 10 15 20 25
set 1 C C C O O*
set 2 O O O C C*
set 3 O O O O O
set 4 C O O O O
*other team won set

Team 1 2 3
Osseo 3 5 10 11
Centennial 3 2 0 4

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