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Out & About: 3AAA Lakeville South/Lakeville North

#3 posting 10.28.2008
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(27-25, 25-23, 25-21)

In a civil war match up #3 South stunned rival #2 North in a revenge sweep. LN was the #1 team in the state overall according to MaxPreps. This was the first time in South's history they beat the Panthers. Since 2005 North swept the Cougars four straight years. South lost to North on September 18 in a sweep.

South rallied in each in every set for the win. In each in every set South scored the last three points to wrap up the win. South took the contest despite the fact they missed 11 serves on the night, while North didn't miss one. Balance was another factor in South's favor. North's Amy Braun had 19 kills, but only one other Panther had five kills. The Cougars countered with five players with five or more kills.

North was caught flatfooted at the start when South scored the first three points, two on aces by Josi Holter. North was forced to take a time out at 5-1 after another ace, this time by Taylor Hrdlichka. The Cougars maintained the early lead, but North had a 7-3 run to take a 16-15 lead. The Panthers bumped that lead out to 19-17. The rest of the set was spent trading three point (or more) runs. South took a 20-19 lead, then North strung together three kills to edge ahead 22-20. South took a time out at 21-20, but didn't get the side out. On the next ball Ellen Krueger got the side for the Cougars with a kill. Taylor Voss added three points off her serve for South to get to the 24-22 edge, but a net violation (South had 5 net violations in the first set alone) gave the ball back to North. A Braun kill and then a violation put North on the verge at 25-24. A North hitting error turned the ball back. Josi Holter served out with a block by Monica Turner and a kill by McKell Anderson ending the set 27-25.

North was forced to burn the first time out at 6-4 in set two when three hitting errors and a block by Jennie Kalbfell put the Cougars up. North had their own four point run later on to retake the lead 12-10. This was in the midst of a 6-1 run. Braun had three of the points. South responded right away with another three point run to lead 13-12. South broke free from a 16 all tie with their third three point run of the set to take a 19-16 lead. That forced another North time out. The momentum shifted North's way after the time out as the Panthers went on a 7-3 run to lead 23-22. McKell Anderson got the key side out kill and then Moncia Turner had a kill and then a block for the final two points.

South's adrenaline was flowing hard at this point. North, with their back against the wall, was fighting for their playoff lives. The combination of these factors put North ahead in most of the key break points. South missed four of five serves in an early stretch of set three, but North didn't move the needle that much. The Panthers did take advantage of the fourth miss to go on a 7-2 run. That forced a South time out at 17-13. Kalbfell had a quick kill after the break to stop the momentum. However a missed serve gave the ball back to North. After that South closed with a vengeance with a 11-3 run. In the first South run Ellen Krueger put down two kills. In the next South run North took a time out at 20 all. It didn't stop the South Express. Braun scored the final North point to make it 22-21 South. Taylor Hrdlichka got the side out kill and then Josi Holter served out. Turner and Hrdlichka took part in a block for point 24 and a Panther hitting error finished the night.

you can see the entire Lakeville South vs Lakeville North photo gallery at kevinanderson.photostockplus.com

rotation, player, position, aces-blocks-kills--totals
1. Taylor Voss, 2011, S 1-0-1----2
1fr: Ellen Krueger, 2010, RH 0-0-7----7
2. Josi Holter, 2009, OH 2-0-7----9
3. Taylor Hrdlichka, 2009, MB 1-2.5-8----11.5
3br. Grace Sanders, 2009, L
4. Kelly Davenport, 2011, S 1-0-0----0
4fr: Monica Turner, 2012, RH 0-2.5-7----9.5
5. McKell Anderson, 2012, OH 0-0-5----5
6. Grace Sanders, 2009, L 1-0-1----2
6fr: Jenni Kalbfell, 2010, MB 0-1-4---5
totals: 6-6-40----52 points, 25 points on North errors

1. Ellen Fox, 2010, DS 0-0-0----0
1fr: Christina Hanf, 2009, OH 0-0-3----3
2. Corinne Solheid, 2009, L 1-0-0----1
2fr: Jessica Spekman, 2009, MH 0-1-1-----2
3. Kellie McNeil, 2011, OH 1-0-4----5
4. Amy Braun, 2009, OH 1-4-19-----24
5. Cassie Weaver, 2010, DS 0-0-0---0
5fr: Brooke Lewko, 2009, MH 0-0-5----5
6. Leah Johnson, 2009, S 0-0-2----2
totals: 3-5-34-----42 points, 27 points on South errors

Grace Sanders
---solid defensive effort for the Cougars

team, fbso/fbso attempts; fbso %; points, % earned; % allowed
L South 19/40-.475; 77; .675; .391
L North 20/41-.489; 69; .609; .325
Runs 3+: South 12, North 7
Longest string: South 4 (4 times), North 4 (1)
Missed Serves: South 11, North 0
Time Out %: South 1/2-.500; North 2/6-.333


1. Voss 15-16 .484
2. Holter 16-9 .640
3. Hrdlichka 12-13 .480
4. Davenport 11-11 .500
5. Anderson 9-9 .500
6. Sanders 14-11 .560
totals 77-69 .527

1. Fox 13-15 .464
2. Solheid 13-12 .520
3. McNeil 14-12 .538
4. Braun 10-10 .500
5. Weaver 10-15 .400
6. Johnson 9-13 .409
totals: 69-77 .473
With Braun in the front row North was 40-39 .506; With Braun in the back row North was 29-38 .433.

Set: 5 10 15 20 25
set 1 S S S S S
set 2 S S S S S
set 3 N N N N S

Team 1 2 3
L South 5 3 4
L North 2 2 4

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