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Out & About: Minnesota/Iowa

#5 posting 10.15.2008
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MINNESOTA gophers 3, IOWA hawkeyes 0
(25-11, 25-17, 25-23)

The Minnesota Gophers bounced back from Saturday's loss to #1 Penn State with a sweep of the improving Iowa Hawkeyes. The Gophers made a few adjustments in their line up. Kyla Roehrig did not play. Katie Vatterrodt replaced her on the outside. Also the Gophers switched the lefts around and moved the first rotation around too. On Saturday Hailey Cowles/Kyla Roehrig was the first server. Today it was Christine Tan/Kelly Schmidt. Also the FBSO% rose from .421 on Saturday to .703 tonight. Minnesota never trailed tonight.

The Gophers came out blazing in the first set with four points off the bat. Iowa was unable to get a FBSO on five of the first seven Gopher servers. On top of that Minnesota had four runs in that period with none for the Hawkeyes. Minnesota led 21-8. The biggest run came on Lauren Gibbemeyer's serve with five points in addition to the side out. Leading the charge was Kelly Schmidt. She had three points in that burst, all on slides. Schmidt had five points in the first set. Minnesota subbed Alex Blatt in late in the game for Rachel Hartmann and she delivered the coup de gras with a kill to finish the set 25-11.

Minnesota again started off strong with Iowa using their first time out at 6-2 after ball control issues. The Gophers had two overpass kills in that first sequence. Another six point run later, five on Rachel Hartmann's serve, put Minnesota up 12-5. Again it was Schmidt scoring a hat trick with three straight points. For this set Schmidt again was on fire with another five points. Brook Dieter had 7 points in that set to lead the Gophers. Iowa had their first run of the night to close to 13-10. Minnesota had two more 3 point runs in the set to give them a 21-13 lead and forcing the final Iowa time out. Both teams were an even four out the rest of the way.

In the third set Minnesota jumped out again 4-0. That margin increased to 11-5 when the Hawkeyes took the time out. This time the momentum did shift. Iowa went on a 5-2 run and it was the Gophers that took a time out, the first time on the night. The set seemed like a replay of the second as again the Gophers pushed out to 21-13 leading to another time out by the Hawkeyes. Again that shifted the momentum. That and substitution patterns by the Gophers. Iowa closed hard with a 10-3 run pushing the contest 24-23 Minnesota. Megan Schipper had five points in that last gasp. The final point came on a kill by Hailey Cowles.

rotation, player, position, aces-blocks-kills--earned/errors/differential
1. Christine Tan, L 1-0-0----1/1/0
1fr: Kelly Schmidt, MH 0-0-13----13/2/11
1fr: Ariana Filho, MH 0-0/1-1----1.5/0/1.5
2. Pamela Luiz, RH 0-0/1-5---5.5/2/3.5
2br: Jessica Granquist 1-0-0----1/2/-1
3. Hailey Cowles, DS 0-0-2----2/1/1
3fr: Katie Vatterrodt, OH 0-1/1-3----4.5/2/2.5
4. Lauren Gibbemeyer, MH 0-2/1-7----9.5/2/7.5
4br Christine Tan, L
4br Ashley Suapaia, DS 1-0-0-----1/0/0----1
5. Rachel Hartmann, S 0-0-2-----2/1/1
5. Alex Blatt, S 0-0-1-----1/1/0
6. Brook Dieter, OH 0-2-16----18/2/16
totals: 3-5/4-50-----60 points, 15 points on Iowa errors

Iowa changed their rotations each set. The order below is from the first set.
set 1: Fister-Schipper-Hiza-Huffman-Smale-Kremer
set 2: Smale-Kremer-Fister-Schipper-Hiza-Hilgenberg
set 3: Kremer-Fister-Schipper-Hiza-Hilgenberg-Smale
1. Kiley Fister, S 0-0-3-----3/3/0
2. Megan Schipper, OH 2-1-10----13/5/8
2. Samantha Brannigan, DS 0-0-0----0/0/0
3. Emily Hiza, L 1-0-0-----1/1/0
3fr: Mallory Husz, MH 0-0/1-0----0.5/1/-0.5
3fr: Katie Kennedy, MH 0-0-1-----1/3/-2
4. Aimee Huffman, RS 0-0-7-----7/4/3
4br: Mara Hilgenberg, S 0-0-0-----0/1/-1
5. Catherine Smale, OH 0-0/1-9----9.5/6/3.5
6. Laura Kremer, MH 0-0-3-----3/2/1
totals: 3-1/2-33-------38 points, 13 points on Minnesota errors

Kelly Schmidt

team, fbso/fbso attempts; fbso %; points, % earned; % allowed
Minnesota 26/37-.703; 75; .800; .255
Iowa 16/35-.457; 51; .745; .200
Runs 3+: Minnesota 10, Iowa 2
Longest point string: Minnesota 6, Iowa 5
Longest FBSO string: Minnesota 6, Iowa 2
Missed Serves: Minnesota 6, Iowa 2
Time Out %: Minnesota 1/1-1.000; Iowa 4/6-.667;

1. Tan 8-9 .471
2. Luiz 18-8 .692
3. Cowles 11-9 .550
4. Gibbemeyer 15-8 .652
5. Hartmann 14-6 .700
6. Dieter 9-11 .455
totals: 75-51 .595
When Hartmann was in the front row the Gophers were 44-25 (.638)

1. Fister 8-16 .333
2. Schipper 9-13 .409
3. Hiza 7-14 .333
4. Huffman 9-12 .429
5. Smale 7-8 .467
6. Kremer 11-12 .478
totals: 51-75 .405

Set: 5 10 15 20 25
Set 1 M M M M M
Set 2 M M M M M
set 3 M M M M M

Team 1 2 3
Minnesota 14 8 8
Iowa 0 0 0

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