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Out & About: Cretin-Derham Hall/White Bear Lake

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(24-26, 25-10, 25-10, 25-12)

This was a match up where I saw the whole contest from start to finish. In the first Apple Valley Tournament I saw CDH vs Turtle Lake, WI for one set. At the start of October I saw WBL in one set vs Fridley. Tonight I saw the complete set.

Cretin-Derham Hall, after a tight first set, blew past White Bear Lake in four sets in a Suburban East contest. It was senior night at CDH and they put the pedal to the metal in sets two through four. They overpowered the younger WBL squad. For the night the CDH margin was 41 points----a whopping 10.25 points per set including the first. Madeline Howard led CDH with 15.5 points on the night.

The most compelling set came right off the bat. CDH scored the first three points and WBL responded with a run of four points of their own. Another CDH run of three put them up 7-5. After that the game never moved beyond two points either way. CDH had the advantage most of the time. WBL took their first time out with the Raiders up 20-18. After the break the Bears scored three straight forcing a CDH time out. The Raiders responded their own three point run of their own regaining the lead at 23-21. Once again WBL took their second time out to stop the momentum. It did and like the click-clack desk set WBL went on a three point run to take a 24-23 lead. CDH got a side out from Danielle Gibbemeyer to tie it up at 24. WBL got a side out kill on a bump kill by Haley Akermark and took the first set on a CDH hitting error.

After that it was all CDH. Each set after that was remarkably the same. The sets all started off fairly evenly with WBL even holding one point leads. But the dam soon burst. It started in the second set on Stefanie Bugasch's serve. She put down six more points after a side out to put the Raiders in front 10-4. That was just the start. WBL couldn't buy a FBSO. The next three Raider servers each had a run leading up to a 14-2 run.

In set three CDH had another 18-3 run in the same rotations--5, 6 and 1 (when Howard was in front for the Raiders and Mattai in the back for the Bears).

In the final set WBL led 6-5, but after two Raider servers and a 13-1 run in was just a matter of time. WBL struggled with ball control as CDH had four points on overpass kills in the fourth set alone.

CDH's defense limited WBL to zero runs in the last three sets. WBL couldn't generate much offense with Mattai in the back. Also WBL's missed serves didn't do the Bears any favors.

you can see the entire Cretin-Derham Hall vs White Bear Lake photo gallery at

rotation, player, position, aces-blocks-kills--totals
1. Lizzy Henry, 2009, S 2-0-0-----2
1fr: Shannon Stinchfield, 2010, RH 0-0.5-4----4.5
2. Madeline Howard, 2009, MH 0-4.5-11----15.5
3. Annie Sutliff, 2009, OH 0-0-0-----0
3fr. Julia Bedford, 2009, OH 0-0-8----8
4. Stefanie Bugasch, 2009, S 0-0-0----0
4fr: Kayleen Folley, 2010, RH 0-0-4----4
4fr: Maria Harrington, 2010, RH 0-0-4---4
5. Emily Sherwood, 2009, L 3-0-0-----3
5fr: Sarah Hendricks, 2009, MH 0-2-7----9
6. Danielle Gibbemeyer, 2009, OH 1-2-11----14
totals: 6-9-49-----64 points, 35 points on WBL errors

1. Rosie Murphy, 2009, MH 4-0-3----7
2. Hannah Indlecoffer, 2011, S 0-0-0----0
2. Ellie Erickson, 2011, S 0-0-0---0
2fr: Annie Bennek, 2009, RH 0-0-4-----4
3. Haley Akermark, 2011, OH 0-0-3----3
4. Kelsey Mattai, 2009, MH 1-0-10----11
5. Ali Mueller, 2011, S 0-0-0-----0
5fr: Elizabeth Gapp, 2012, RH 0-0-1----1
6. Kesley Bocklund, 2011, OH 0-0-7----7
totals: 5-0-28----33 points, 25 points on CDH errors

Madeline Howard

team, fbso/fbso attempts; fbso %; points, % earned; % allowed
Cretin-Derham Hall 20/38-.526; 99; .646; .431
White Bear Lake 16/37-.432; 58; .569; .354
Runs 3+: CDH 14, WBL 3
Longest string: CDH 9, WBL 4
Missed Serves: WBL 7, CDH 4
Time Out %: WBL 3/7-.429; CDH 1/2-.500


1. Henry 24-17 .585
2. Howard 9-10 .474
3. Sutliff/Bedford 9-9 .500
4. Bugasch 12-8 .600
5. Sherwood 22-6 .786
6. Gibbemeyer 23-8 .742
totals: 99-58 .631

1. Murphy 17-12 .586
2. Erickson 9-9 .500
3. Akermark 9-12 .429
4. Mattai 7-23 .233
5. Mueller 6-23 .207
6. Bocklund 10-20 .333
totals: 58-99 .369
When Howard was in the front CDH was 69-35. When in the back 30-27.
When Mattai was in the front WBL was 35-33. When in the back 23-66.

Set: 5 10 15 20 25
set 1 W C C C W
set 2 C C C C C
set 3 C C C C C
set 4 C C C C C

Team 1 2 3 4
CDH 3 16 16 13
WBL 2 0 0 1

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