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Out & About: Champlin Park/Spring Lake Park

#5 posting 10.6.2008
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(21-25, 28-26, 25-23, 25-23)

In a roller coaster-- give and take-- white knuckle ride, Champlin Park out did Spring Lake Park in a 5AAA section match up 3-1. Both teams would build leads only to see them wither away. SLP led by 8 in set two and lost. CP led in the same set 24-20 with four set points, and didn't get the job done. CP had two more set points at 25 and 26, but failed to close out. Set four CP led by 10 at 21-11. The Rebels withstood a furious SLP rally to win. In each of the CP wins the margin was a mere two points. SLP earned 69 points on the night compared to 59 for CP. It was the errors that did in SLP. They led that category 40-28. CP is (at best guess) 7-10. SLP is 16-9.

Big runs led off set one. SLP opened with five straight points. CP had their own run of 7 points after two side outs. Breann Padden had three aces in that segment. Both teams traded runs of four after that. Both teams struggled with the first ball side out game. CP led 18-16. A three point SLP run put the Panthers up 19-18. CP took their first time out and got the ball back with a side out kill by Reanna Nelson. Nelson added another kill for point 20. A missed Padden serve and a Nelson hitting error put SLP back in front 21-20 and forced another CP time out. The Rebs got a side out kill, but SLP finished with their fourth run of set one with four straight points.

SLP again started off with a run of four. The same patterns that developed in set one manifested themselves in set two. CP responded with their own run of three. SLP had a six point run to go up 12-4 and seemingly in the driver's seat. However CP was able to squeeze off points on their next four serves. CP racked up another 7 point run as they took a 14-13 lead. Of those seven points, five were on SLP errors. CP broke free from a 19 all tie with a 5-1 run to be on the verge of a win at 24-20. Natalee Yeazle got the side out, and SLP kept holding off the Rebels. Melissa Backes put down a kill to tie the contest at 24. It was CP's turn to stem the tide as Nelson got the momentum stopping kill. Both teams traded four side outs. The string stopped on a four contact ball and then Halie Chelstrom finished the marathon with a kill.

Set three had the mystery point. Sometime prior to 15-10 (or 14-11 in my calculations) a point was flipped. I have no idea when the transaction took place. CP led 16-10 and looked like they were in the driver's seat. However SLP got back into the thick of it with a four point run which forced a Rebel time out. SLP was able to tie the contest up at 22 after a Yeazle kill. Abby Johnston put CP back on top to stay. Yeazle had a hitting error and then a side out kill to make it 24-23. CP finished set three just in time with a Abby Ostrander kill.

CP put together four runs while holding SLP to one as the Rebels held what looked like a commanding lead 21-11. At that stage SLP went on a 12-3 run. CP gave away 7 points on errors. CP tried to stem the flow with time outs at 22-17 and 24-22, but the blood kept flowing. Jessica Axen served up an ace to make it 24-23 CP. The final point came on a passing error into the net to finish the night. The thrill ride came to an abrupt halt.

you can see the entire Champlin Park vs Spring Lake Park photo gallery at

rotation, player, position, aces-blocks-kills--totals
1. Chelsey Schmidt, 2009, S 0-0-2-----2
1fr Rebecca Moore, 2009, MH 0-0-2----2
2. Abby Ostrander, 2009, OH 1-0-7-----8
3. Breann Padden, 2010, RH 4-2-8-----14
4. Kat Chelstrom, 2009, S 0-0-0------0
4fr: Halie Chelstrom, 2010, MB 0-0-10-----10
5. Kelsey Reed, 2010, L 1-0-0------1
5fr: Reanna Nelson, 2009, OH 0-0-12-----12
6. Brandi Freitas, 2009, DS 3-0-0------3
6fr: Abby Johnston, 2009, OH 0-2-5-----7
totals: 9-4-46----59 points, 40 points on SLP errors

SLP used the below order in sets 1-3. in set 4 the first rotation was rotation 4 (Widman) with no change in the rest of the order.
1. Melissa Backes, 2010, OH 5-0-15----20
2. Marissa Evans, 2010, S 2-0.5-3----5.5
2. Jessica Axen, 2009, S 1-0-0-----1
3. Stephanie Wurzer, 2010, MH 1-1-8----10
4. Melissa Widman, 2010, OH 0-1.5-12----13.5
5. Natalee Yeazle, 2009, RH 0-0.5-15----15.5
6. Alyssa Luedtke, 2010, L 0-0-0----0
6fr Jennifer Lee, 2010, MH 0-0-1-----1
6fr Katie Norlien, 2009, MH 0-1.5-1----2.5
totals: 9-5-55-----69 points, 28 points on CP errors

Breann Padden

team, fbso/fbso attempts; fbso %; points, % earned; % allowed
Champlin Park 17/44-.386;
Spring Lake Park 18/43-.419;
Runs 3+: SLP 14, CP 13
Longest string: CP 7, SLP 6
Missed Serves: CP 8, SLP 8
Time Out %: CP 4/8-.500; SLP 1/4-.250


1. Schmidt 17-19 .472
2. Ostrander 14-14 .500
3. Padden 19-26 .422
4. K Chelstrom 16-18 .471
5. Reed/Nelson 20-14 .588
6. Freitas 12-7 .632
totals: 98-98 .500

1. Backes 19-14 .575
2. Evans 14-23 .378
3. Wurzer 23-18 .561
4. Widman 19-20 .487
5. Yeazle 12-11 .522
6. Luedtke 11-12 .478
totals: 98-98 .500

Set: 5 10 15 20 25
set 1 S S C C S
set 2 S S S C C
set 3 C C C C C
set 4 C C C C C

Team: 1 2 3 4
Champlin Park 3 4 6 10
Spring Lake Park 5 8 3 1

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