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Weekly Review #7: The Fritz

#6 posting 10.5.2008
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WEEKLY REVIEW #7 : The Fritz

This week I was able to get to 6 and 1/4 games and I knocked off six teams on my "to see" list. Friday (as you know) was busy, but luckily it was all in the neighborhood. Dakota County held three power tournaments on Friday and Saturday and I touched base with each event. The problem at each and every one was with the scoreboard. At every venue there was at one point scoring differentials from what I had. It was so bad refs would have to come over to straighten out the mess. At Lakeville North in the Hibbing vs Wayzata contest Wayzata trailed 23-19 by my book (and in reality). However the scoreboard read 23-22. That was changed after a lengthy accounting.

I did get to see four D1 verballed players this week plus one headed to D2. Unfortunately, my schedule prevented me from seeing the championships in any of the Dakota Championships. My Saturdays should free up for the rest of the fall, but there are only two Saturday tournaments left and one of the weekends my team will be playing. The good news is next weekend, I should be able to catch all the action at Eastview.

Scoreboards weren't the only thing on the fritz this week. I traveled to Fridley for a rare Wednesday game. What was even rarer was a 5 pm start so they wouldn't interfere with the "powder puff" football game scheduled for 7 pm. That meant I only got to see the fourth game of the White Bear Lake vs Fridley match.

Keeping in mind I did not see any of the championship teams over the weekend and I only pick teams I see the honor this week goes to #2AA Jordan. The Jaguars rallied from a 6 point deficit in set one and rallied again in set two from a three point deficit. The first set was the nail biter with ties right up to 23. The Jaguars closed out that scene and finished set two with a 10-4 run to take the game against #8AAA Blaine. The Jags first ball side out % was a healthy .625 vs the Bengals. Jordan then beat #3AA Marshall in the quarterfinals before falling to the eventual champs Lakeville North in three sets in the semis. Jordan finished third with a 2-0 win over Eastview with a 11 point margin.

Brittany Chambers of Jordan is one of the most competitive players on the floor. She has a burning desire to succeed. She brings energy and power to the game. She provided the Jaguars with 19 points, or 8.5 per game, by far the highest on the week. She simply took over and refused to lose.

In order to make this team, I had to see the players this week.

RH Amanda King, Holy Angels
S Madeline Haben, Holy Angels
MH Kate Lange, Hibbing
MH Tia Gaffen, Wayzata
OH Brittany Chambers, Jordan
OH Leigh Pudwill, Centennial
L Kelsey Hennen, Minneota

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