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Out & About: St. Michael-Albertville/Delano

#3 posting 9.22.2008
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DELANO tigers 0
(25-15, 25-18, 25-18)

#3 AAA St. Michael-Albertville swept #6 AA Delano in a non conference match Monday night. This was the first loss on the year for the Tigers. This was also the first night back for Delano's Molly Kreklow who had been out with mono. Kreklow was used exclusively as a setter tonight to ease back in the routine of games. She will be hitting when she is back to full speed. STMA had stronger ball control today than when I first saw them vs Andover. Every week a different position dominates the action. The right side for both teams filled that roll tonight. The Katherine/Catherine Connection is a D1 combo for STMA. The Koenecke/Kreklow Connection is another strong combo, but the 2009s were in control tonight. Katherine Harms had 17 points on the night for the Knights.

Delano missed their first three serves to start the contest helping STMA to get a 5-2 lead. STMA used a solid first ball side out game with 11/13 FBSO in set one (.846). Four of those FBSO were gift wrapped on missed serves. Both teams settled down and traded 8 straight side outs. Delano closed to 15-11. STMA scored six straight, five on Brittani Wiese's serve. Wiese had two aces in the burst and STMA had a 21-11 lead. Delano took their only time out at 18-11, but the Knights added three more points to their totals after the break.

Delano had a slight advantage early in set two. The Tigers had three runs of three to push out to a 10-8 lead. Kayla Koenecke had three straight kills to reach get that lead. STMA took the lead for good at 17-15. The Knights finished with a 15-5 run. The Knights had six straight FBSO to close set two. Delano closed to 20-18 when a missed serve gave the ball back to the home team. They never gave it back. Delano took a time out, but Catherine Yager had two straight kills forcing another Tiger time out. STMA added two more points after that for their second set victory.

In a repeat of the second set Delano again grabbed the early lead. Their biggest lead of the night came at 7-3. STMA contributed to that margin with two missed serves. The last Tiger lead came at 11-8 when the Knights tore off a 12-2 run. Lindsay Berning had three straight aces to put the Knights in the lead for good. Delano took their first time out at 17-13, but the Tigers never stopped the Knights after the breaks. Delano did have one more push to close to 21-17. Maria Berning had two straight kills for the beginning of the end of the night. The night ended with Harms' 15th kill of the match.

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rotation, player, (year) position, aces-blocks-kills---total points
1. Catherine Yager (2009) S 1-1-6---8
2. Linday Berning (2009) DS 4-0-0---4
2fr: Marina Berning (2009) OH 0-0-7---7
3. Samantha Dick (2009) DS 0-0-0----0
3fr: Carly Rothstein (2010) MH 0-0-1---1
4. Katherine Harms (2009) RH 1-1-15---17
5. Brittani Wiese (2009) OH 4-0-9----13
6. Allie Knutsen (2009) L 0-0-0---0
6fr: Marie O'Neil (2009) MH 0-2-1---3
totals: 10-4-39----53 points, 22 points on Delano errors

1. Kayla Kalleberg (2010) OH 0-0-1---1
2. Sarah Bingea (2009) MH 1-0-4---5
2br: #17 L
3. Molly Kreklow (2010) S 0-1-4----5
4. Olivia Garrett (2011) OH 1-0-2----3
5. Kayla Kassulker (2009) MH 0-0-1----1
6. Kayla Koenecke (2010) RH 1-0-14----15
6br: #17 L
totals: 3-1-26----30, 21 points on STMA errors

Katherine Harms

team, fbso/fbso attempts; fbso %; points, % earned; % allowed
St. Michael-Albertville 25/36-.694; 75; .707; .412
Delano 19/36-.528; 51; .588; .293
Runs 3+: STMA 10, Delano 6
Longest string: STMA 6, Delano 3
Missed Serves: STMA 10, Delano 9
Time Out %: Delano 0/4-.000; STMA did not take a time out


1. Yager 12-7 .632
2. L Berning 11-8 .579
3. Dick 11-10 .523
4. Harms 15-13 .536
5. Wiese 15-7 .682
6. Knutsen 11-6 .647
totals: 75-51 .595

1. Kalleberg 8-12 .400
2. Bingea 8-11 .421
3. Kreklow 10-15 .400
4. Garrett 13-15 .464
5. Kassulker 6-12 .333
6. Koenecke 6-10 .375
totals 51-75 .405

set: 5 10 15 20 25
set 1 S S S S S
set 2 S D S S S
set 3 D D S S S

Team: 1 2 3
STMA 10 7 7
Delano 0 3 4

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