Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekly Review #4: Top 40

#6 posting 9.14.2008
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This was the first week I saw teams for the second time during the year. Tuesday was a primary election day and most of the regular Tuesday games were moved to Monday. That left my options for Tuesday open. The best available game featured two teams I had already saw earlier in the year, but the 2AAA match up between two top 10 teams #2 Shakopee and #9 Eden Prairie was must see.
I was also able to see the Class A Showcase at Bethel on Saturday. Only Class A teams allowed with a chance for a dress rehearsal of the state tournament. It will be interesting to see how the field in that tournament advances the rest of the fall. As it was #8 SW Christian of Chaska bumped off #3 Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa in two. BBE almost dug themselves out of a hole in the championship, but mistakes stopped them cold.
My team played on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday preventing my out & abouts those days.

Southwest Christian of Chaska gets the nod this week for the first Class A Challenge. SWC had a couple of narrow set wins vs Lake of the Woods and LeRoy-Ostrander. Nevis was the only team to take a set off SWC in the tournament on Friday. The Stars avoided a lot of mistakes in the championship vs BBE with an average of 8 per game, the lowest this week. Part of that success was the Stars avoided a lot of serving errors, only 1.5 per set.

For the second time this fall it goes to Ashley Wittman of Shakopee. With 40 points, with 39 kills there is no real discussion. Wittman averaged 10 points per game against Eden Prairie, a top 10 team. Wittman had 40% of all the Shakopee points that night, and 60% of all the earned Shakopee points. That compares with Heidi Lensing's (BBE) 28% and 37%; or Cassie Haag's (SW Christian) 20% and 43%. Here is a different look:
Earned points per game
BBE vs Onamia 19
BBE vs SWC 14
SWC vs BBE 11.5
Wittman vs Eden Prairie 10
Eden Prairie vs Shakopee 8.5
Onamia vs BBE 6
Wittman was player of the week in week #1.

Ashley Wittman, Shakoppe, OH
Katie Froehle, Eden Prairie, OH
Heidi Lensing, BBE, MH
Cassie Haag, SW Christian, MH
Ashley Serbus, BBE, RH
Sarah Bremer, SW Christian S
Mollie Geske, Shakopee, L
This is Froehle's, and Geske's second time on the weekly list.

Here is the top rotation of the week: Mollie Geske, Shakopee rotation #2 28-9 vs Eden Prairie (.757).

How does it compare from high school to D1?
The best FBSO this week for high school was Shakopee at .600 (24/40). The next highest belonged to SW Christian at .542 (13/24). But even the better high school teams had FBSO in the .400 category. Eden Prairie was at 16/40 (.400).
At the D1 level the Gophers were 29/45 .644 vs #4 California on Friday. California was no slouch either with a 26/45 .577. The difference was three services.

The big difference is in the amount of runs. The defense for the Gophers put them over the top vs the Bears as they only allowed two runs all night (A run is three or more points). Shakopee gave away 12 runs vs Eden Prairie or 3 runs per game. SW Christian allowed three vs BBE or 1.5 per game.
Championship level performance will have high FBSO, think north of .600, and low runs against.

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